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So Nickla’s ginstan keeps up with his girlfriend at a distance

In the clip, you can hear Nickla’s declaration of love for his girlfriend in Västerås.

Nicklas Björkman has Systemic Mastocytosis. It is an unusual blood disease that increases the risk of an acute allergic reaction, so-called anaphylactic shock, and which makes him extra susceptible to infections. He therefore belongs to the risk group for covid-19. At the same time, he has a girlfriend who lives in Västerås, almost 400 km away, and from whom he was more or less isolated during the pandemic.

– The worst was when I became ill for four months in a long-term inflammation, which made it feel quite hopeless. It was a huge loss, he says.

Can hang out remotely

Even though the longing for the girlfriend sometimes takes over, they have still been able to socialize more or less every day through the screen. And it’s important to be creative.

– You can go for walks or watch movies together through a screen, says Nicklas Björkman.

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