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so-called non-essential traders authorized to sell outdoors



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L.Haffaf, F.Belloutti, B.Deleporte

France 3

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How to allow non-essential businesses to sell their goods in confined areas? AT Dunkerque (North), on the weekend of Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 March, it is possible to sell its products outside to maintain equal treatment between traders.
The doors of this boutique in Dunkirk (North) are reopening for an unprecedented sale, outdoors, directly on the sidewalk. The manager did not hesitate, despite some constraints. “It’s a little help but it’s true that you have to adapt“, explains Mélanie Fasquelle.”Me and all the other traders in Dunkirk, we are not necessarily equipped to be able to exhibit outdoors“, she continues.

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Customers are happy to find their shops in the city center. “It’s nice I think, it changes! Especially today, as it’s sunny, it’s nice“, points out one of them. It is by a municipal decree published on Friday March 16 that the mayor of Dunkerque authorized so-called non-essential businesses to sell directly in the street, as a measure of equality with street vendors who can be found in markets in particular. The traders thus benefit from a regained visibility. AT Dunkerque, the decree will remain in force until April 17, 2021, but could be revoked by the State services.

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