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Snchez’s first notice to Susana Daz: dismisses the government delegate who pacts with the Andalusian PSOE

Monday, March 29, 2021 – 18:02

The replacement of Sandra Garca by the mayor of Baza comes barely a week after Ferraz pointed out Juan Espadas as the one chosen to contest the leadership of socialism in Andalusia.

Until now, the delegate of the Government in Andalusia, Sandra Garca, at the official headquarters of the Plaza de Espaa in Seville.

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“I think that Ferraz be respectful with the autonomy of the Andalusian PSOE”. This phrase was uttered by the still delegate of the Government in Andalusia, Sandra Garca, in the last interview granted to a newspaper, EL MUNDO de Andaluca. It was a little over a week ago and tomorrow Tuesday she will be dismissed by the Council of Ministers and relieved by a renowned supporter Pedro Snchez, the mayor of Baza, Pedro Fernndez, in what is the first tactical movement of Ferraz and Moncloa in the war that is about to be fought for control of the Andalusian federation, the most important in Spain, against Susana Daz.

Sandra Garca, considered an affinity for Susana Daz, has lasted a little more than a year in office and before occupying the official office in the Plaza de Espaa, she was a delegate of the Junta in Granada in the last government presided over by Daz. His appointment was consensual then by the federal leadership of the PSOE and the regional in what was then framed in fluid and cordial relations. Of course, things have changed a lot and Ferraz has run out of patience with the Andalusian general secretary, who is determined to fight and resist in Andalusia and who has rejected how many exits have been offered to her.

Unlike what happened thirteen months ago, the impeachment fulminant de Garca has not only not reached consensus with Susana Daz’s team, but in the Seville headquarters on Calle San Vicente they have found out practically at the same time as the media and the news has not exactly sat well.

Beyond that, the replacement in the Government Delegation in Andalusia, and especially the ways in which it will take place, are very declaration of war which anticipates, and is taken for granted in the Andalusian PSOE, a stage of hostilities by Ferraz and, by extension, La Moncloa.

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The maneuver, PSOE-A sources pointed out, has a clear “political significance” and after her “there will be more movements”. Although, these sources insisted, nothing that the federal leadership of the party led by Pedro Sánchez can do is going to move Daz even one millimeter from his position. “Susana is not leaving, you are going to present yourself, whether Pedro Sánchez likes it or not,” stressed the sources consulted.

That Sanchez intended to remove the delegate in Andalusia from office was a rumor that had been heard for a long time and, in fact, names were widely heard. ms hostiles al susanismo, like that of the former PSOE-A spokesperson and member of parliament Angels Frriz, openly opposed to Daz.

A looming battle

Although the relief could have been even more aggressive -Pedro Fernndez has a moderate profile and a good relationship with the Andalusian general secretary-, there are not too many interpretations apart from the warning of a looming battle which they have taken note of at the Andalusian party headquarters.

The truce that Sanchez and Daz had maintained in recent years after fighting for the leadership of the party at the national level, seems to break definitively with this appointment, which comes a week after Ferraz unequivocally designated the mayor of Seville, Juan Espadas, as his candidate to contest control of the Andalusian PSOE in the congress to be held before the end of the year.

It was José Luis Balos himself, Secretary of Organization of the PSOE, who met with Espadas to probe him as a possible candidate for the General Secretary of the Andalusian PSOE and then Pedro Sánchez himself met with the mayor of Seville. If there were still doubts, the vice president of Congress and secretary of Institutional Relations of the PSOE, Alfonso Rodríguez Gmez de Celis, was in charge of clearing them up by stating publicly that Espadas is “the main active of the Andalusian PSOE “.

It does not seem casual and, in fact, those around Susana Daz are convinced that it is not. Nor is it the case that this is the first time in the recent history of the party in which an appointment of such weight as that of the head of the Government Delegation in Andalusia is not agreed with the regional leadership. It had always been done, say sources from the PSOE-A, until now.

In this sense, they insist that the path taken by Ferraz “is the wrong one”, which confirms that the positions are now absolutely faced and that the final clash seems inevitable.

So much so that Susana Daz has been starting her private campaa And he did it in the purest Pedro Sánchez style, emulating the one that the President of the Government carried out in 2017, touring group by group in his car to convince the militants to support him.

That is exactly what Daz is doing now, who has his schedule loaded with visits to towns where he practices his greatest political skill, recognized even by his enemies, the close, the face to face.

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