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Home Sport Skuru's coach about Ulrika Olsson's broken contract: "There are only losers"
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Skuru’s coach about Ulrika Olsson’s broken contract: “There are only losers”

After Ulrika Olsson announced that she had broken her contract with Skuru, the team’s coach Magnus Oscarsson Söder is now commenting on the situation.

– We support the decision that the ladies’ elite committee makes based on what we have discussed, says Oscarsson Söder.

Ulrika Olsson herself said that the club has chosen not to extend her contract next season due to her age and the possibility of family formation.

– The club has chosen not to extend until next season and what has been difficult is the lack of dialogue. Once they have the dialogue, they talk about players my age usually thinking about starting a family, which I find most remarkable. It’s out of date in a ladies’ sports club in 2021, said Olsson to TV4.

“Only losers”

Something that coach Oscarsson Söder thinks is not true.

– Age and family formation are definitely not the grounds on which this decision has been made, he says.

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– It’s damn sad that it turned out the way it did. In the short term, there are only losers – Ulrika herself, the team and the association, says Oscarsson Söder.

Skuru’s chairman Jonas Johansson commented on the incident last week.

– Those words do not come from me. If the person representing the club has expressed himself, I am the first to be ashamed of myself and apologize as responsible for the business, but I say OM. It is a player call that has failed and cannot be repaired, Johansson says to SVT Sport.

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Ulrika Olsson, Skuru. Photo: Bildbyrån.

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