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Ski promise Aapo Taipale has suffered from asthma – Cross-country skiing

The grandfather of the asthma-stricken skiing promise is the last of the great skiers of the 1960s to survive.

Fields the ice sports family made Finnish sports history in 2018 as a figure skater Emmi Peltonen was elected Olympic representative by his grandfather Say it and his father Villas after. Each gentleman played as many as four races.

Peltos thus became the first Finnish family to receive Olympic representation in three directly declining generations.

Next may be the turn Taipaleen a family of skiers by Vesa Aapo skied on Friday at 15 km (p) 89th in the Ristijärvi Finnish Championships. Grandfather Hannu, 80, participated in the 1968 and 1972 Olympic Games, father Kuisma in the year 2002.

– Yes, Grandpa’s merits and achievements are well known, and there will still be encouragement and tips. with the Father, of course, I skied very much in my life, as soon as the army winter sports school sports starting in Kajaani, Finland Taipale told reporters after Friday’s competition.

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– The season has been really difficult due to asthma, no effective medication has been found for it. Not just get oxygen.

Sotkamon visited a high school, Pekka Vähäsöyringin the skier coached by last season still looked like a sure representative for the World Championships in Youth Skiing, which competed in February in Vuokatti.

– The relegation from the race team was a big disappointment, but not a surprise after such a difficult season. All honor to the chosen ones, the result was stunning.

Kuisma Taipale, who followed the interview from a distance, said that the famous surname has not always been a mere treat for the boy.

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– It’s been a burden. They have those speeches of the villagers behind them. Now, according to them, Aapo has been supposedly in good condition. One should know about an athlete’s training and health before making sure opinions.

Taipale continues family ranch in Veteli. He also got his share of his name in time.

Kukkonen Anssi (TV narrator legend) then announced a lot of races. Dad finally went to tell Anssi that everyone already knows I’m a second-generation skier that I don’t have to repeat it every time anymore, Taipale chuckled.

Hannu Taipale is the last of the messaging teams, which in 1966 and 1968 included biathletes in addition to him Eero Mäntyranta, Kalevi Laurila and Kalevi Oikarainen. In Oslo in 1966 came the World Championship silver, in Grenoble the 1968 Olympic bronze. On personal value races, Taipale was at its fifth at the 50th kilometer in Oslo.

Kuisma Taipale was the constant face of the national team from the 1990s to the early 2000s. At the same time, there were star skiers Harri Kirvesniemi, Mika Myllylä and Jari Isometsä.

Before starting the army, Aapo Taipale is subjected to thorough asthma stress tests to find the right medication.

– Full speed ahead. Handsome it would be to ski the Olympics in third Taipaleen, the 19-year-old said.

Another three-generation Olympic family before that may be Kapaset, for Olympic hockey players Hannu and Alone Kapanen will receive in Beijing in 2022 from Sam’s first son, the Pittsburgh Penguins Kasperista.

Aapo Taipale’s circle of acquaintances includes a considerable specialty as a young man, ie the former Prime Minister, a Vetelier Esko Aho. He is the former president of the Ski Association.

– Esko is in my support group. He contacted himself and said he wants to be involved because of his love of the homeland.

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