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Six Spanish series to discover to travel even confined

PODCASTDo you miss the sun, the heat of the Mediterranean and the change of scenery? To occupy your long evenings of curfew or your third confinement, the SERIELAND team prepares you each week a selection of series to laugh, tremble or escape. This week, we invite you to get on Spanish time. From blockbusters to niche series, discover the six best Iberian productions of the moment.

Madrid burns

The pitch: At the dawn of the “sixties”, the American actress Ava Gardner moved to Franco’s Spain. We discover his life through the eyes of his housekeeper, Ana Mari, a spy who monitors the movie star’s dating on behalf of Franco. But the prudish chambermaid will deviate from her mission to discover the pleasures of sexuality during the crazy evenings of Ava Gardner.

Why SERIELAND recommends it to you: We really liked this crazy black and white series. Beyond laughter, we also learn a lot about the life of the actress and Spain in the 1950s. It is a committed, feminist and social series that dares to talk about female desires, contraception and birth. emancipation of women. The aesthetics are also very neat.

1 season, 8 episodes of 30 minutes to watch on

The Money Heist

The pitch: It is the story of a robbery fomented by a man of genius, nicknamed “the Professor”. Its objective: to infiltrate the national Spanish currency factory in Madrid and print 2.4 billion euros in ten days. By his side, the volcanic Tokyo, the hacker Rio or even Nairobi, the pro of fake works of art, help him lead the heist of the century!

Why SERIELAND recommends it to you: First of all because The Money Heist has become a cult series, which has won over millions of Internet users around the world. Then we have to admit it, we feel a certain sympathy for this team of robins des Bois robbers who attack the financial power of their country, without wanting to scratch their hostages. The Money Heist is not without flaw. It accumulates heavy scriptwriting. The robbers multiply the somewhat grotesque blunders. Likewise, the series stretches over 4 seasons… a length that serves the writing. We also regret that some characters lack realism and turn out to be quite caricatural. Nevertheless, The Paper house succeeds in making us addicted by ending each episode with sequences concentrated in emotions.

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4 seasons, 38 episodes of approximately 55 minutes to watch on Netflix.

Paquita Salas

The pitch: In the 1990s, Paquita was one of the hottest artistic agents! But today, his clients are leaving one after the other. It must then seek to conquer new talents.

Why SERIELAND recommends it to you: As Ten percent, the series takes us behind the scenes of actor management. But in Paquita Salas the atmosphere is crazy! It is a comedy that has had immense success in Spain. The character of Paquita has the originality of being played by a man. Exuberant, full of excess, overwhelmed by modernity, she is very endearing and twisting. We also really appreciate the colorful and quirky sets and costumes.

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3 seasons, 16 episodes of about 25 minutes to watch on Netflix.

Riot gear

The pitch: In Spain, a riot unit intervenes to evict individuals from an apartment. Problem: we are in the middle of August, the unit is understaffed and in front of the apartment thirty people are doing a sit-in to prevent the evacuation. The intervention gets out of hand …

Why SERIELAND recommends it to you: Difficult to find a more topical series than this one. The realization of Rodrigo Sorogoyen ( Mother, The kingdom ) is particularly successful and demanding, especially during police interventions. Beyond a story of police blunder, the scenario is woven around an internal investigation revealing much deeper problems within the system … Very committed, Riot gear is also a sharp criticism of the functioning of Spanish politics.

1 season, 6 episodes of about 45 minutes to watch on Polar + and MyCanal


The pitch: In 2011, ETA, the Basque independence movement, renounced armed struggle, ending decades of violence. Bittori then returns to her hometown, which she left in 1990, after the assassination of her husband Txato by ETA… Homeland features two family stories linked by the disastrous consequences of the Basque struggle.

Why SERIELAND recommends it to you:Homeland, adapted from the book of the same name, is a series that is at once powerful, brutal and touching. The cast is remarkable, the characters are strong, especially the mother figures. They are women of character, stubborn who lead their families to the wand. Homeland deals with a relatively unknown part of history, a subject that is still sensitive for the families of ETA victims. The series finely transcribes these years of lead and the heaviness of the silence that surrounds these families. SERIELAND already recommended you Homeland in an episode devoted to “badass” women in the series.

1 season, 8 episodes of about 50 minutes to watch on MyCanal.


The pitch: Valeria, in her thirties, is a writer struggling with the blank page syndrome. As a problem never comes alone, she is also in the middle of a relationship crisis. Fortunately, she can count on her friends, Lola, Carmen and Nerea to find out about romantic relationships 2.0.

Why SERIELAND advises you : Valeria has a small side Sex And The City Iberian version! Female orgasm, unsatisfying sexuality and marital crisis… This sparkling and colorful series does not fail to entertain us. She dares to be interested in the sexuality of women, without taboos and also endeavors to stage LGBTQ + characters. Too bad the writing lacks finesse and nuance …

1 season, 8 episodes of about 40 minutes to watch on Netflix.

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