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Sirkka Ehrnrooth skied at the Finnish Championships as early as 1976 – Cross-country skiing

Sirkka Ehrnrooth, 64, has seen many generations of skiers. The encouragement of young women keeps him involved.

19 years old Sirkka Kytölä was more than 45 years ago, in January 1976, in a festive breeze at Tampereen Kauppi ski stadium.

The team of the Jyväskylä Ski Club took 3×5 kilometers of Finnish Championship silver Hilkka Kuntolan (later Riihivuori), followed by the young Finnish Championship debutant.

Championships and from the star skiers of the Innsbruck Olympic Games held shortly afterwards, Manse also rose to the podium. Helena Takalo, Marjatta Kajosmaa, Juha Mieto and Matti Pitkänen. Of these, Takalo, Mieto and Pitkänen returned from the Olympics as gold medalists.

The star of the 1960s, already deceased, also took the medal on Kauppi’s home streets Kalevi Laurila.

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Kun SM-sirkus 2021 was erected on Ristijärvi, Espoo Sirkka Ehrnrooth was still involved, in Saturday’s message in the second team of the Espoo Ski Club. The 45-year-old SM tube can be considered incomprehensible.

– It’s not quite unbroken, but there are dozens of races. I think people understand that not everything can be remembered for 45 years, Ehrnrooth, who is very popular in ski circles, laughed at Ristijärvi after his second leg.

– If someone had predicted this to me in 1976, there would have been laughter.

– At that time in Kauppi in 1976 there was no need to think about whether to put on free or traditional skis. In fact, my first stop hit that seam when ice skating began to become more common sometime in 1986.

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Middle Finland Another sport for a veteran athlete from Multia was running. His big sister Sirpa Kytölä was one of the best women’s endurance runners in the country in the 1980s and e.g. two-time Finnish champion of the marathon.

Ehrnrooth loves skiing, and the daughter of a family Rebecca playing sports seriously. Many things still keep the mother involved in the competition.

– We are very active with the whole family at the Espoo Ski Club, it’s like our other family. In addition, I am quite interested in physiologically studying how much slower I become each year. I was pretty realistic in terms.

To the Games Ehrnrooth is also attracted by the attitude of younger women:

– From generation to generation, they are absolutely wonderful and encouraging to me. And most fun, they compare my results to their own. Jasmi Joensuu (recent post World Championship bronze medalist) Dad came after one race to say it was a great day for them when Jasmi had skied for a better time than I did.

Jasmi Joensuu’s father? She is Timo-Jaakko Joensuu, a former national skier and Sirkka Ehrnrooth has been familiar with competitions since the 1990s!

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