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Singer Nelli Matula, 25, wrote surprisingly about her difficult relationship with exercise – a shameful problem that really affects many Finns – Entertainment

“I was almost angry with people who talk about the joy of moving,” Matula writes honestly. According to THL, only a third of Finns move according to the recommendations.

Vocalist Nelli Matula published on social media an honest article about how a skewed relationship to exercise complicates his life.

Matula, 25, says she has never really enjoyed exercise before.

– I’ve had a pretty skewed relationship with exercise. I used to play sports for real, but so that others don’t think you’re bad, lazy, or unattractive. I was almost angry with people who talk about the joy of movement. What it is? Matula writes.

– Sit a couple of years ago came the stage I did not move at all. I was somehow hyper-aware that my motivation for the sport was self-loathing. The whole thing haunted me.

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Today, the situation has turned positive. Matula says that she is excited about pole dancing and has even tried going to the gym.

– Now it seems that this is not the first time I have started to find such a balance in terms of exercise. Despite the heating, I have tried new species (pole dancing is the best!) And fumbled my way to the weight room.

Matula is not the only celebrity who has opened up to the challenges of exercise. For example, sometähti and Miss Suomi Sara Sieppi has told me many times about how challenging it is for him to exercise regularly.

For example, last August, Sieppi wrote on his popular Instagram website about how pants squeeze after the summer and “the feeling is disgusting”.

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– Recently, I have worn caps more often than sneakers. I have watched Vihersmoothies in commercials and I have not been to the gym other than in my own thoughts. The morning loops have been virtually cared for with my eyes swaying while watching others aerobic in IG.

– I have come up with at least 34 different excuses rather than leaving to check out the new jogging paths. The “I’ll start tomorrow then” weeks has gone through many times with failure, Sieppi wrote in his update at the time.

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Sara Sieppi has often spoken in public about exercise and its challenges.­

Nelli Matula performing at the Suomi Love concert in 2019.­

Celebrities are not alone with the search for training enthusiasm. According to THL in 2017, only about one in three men and women aged 25–64 report having at least moderately strenuous exercise in their free time for at least 3 hours a week.

With the outbreak of the corona crisis, the daily routine of several was further reduced as work was shifted from home.

Exercise planner at the FAQ Institute, Master of Sports Science Katriina Ojala said In the IS case in January tips for starting an exercise if you have taken a long break from exercise or have never enjoyed it. According to Ojala, the most important thing would be regularity and meaningful exercise.

– There are a lot of yo-yo riders who pull a couple of weeks full and quit again. However, the condition cannot be collected in a bank. To make exercise a way of life, it’s worth thinking about ways that fit you and that you can follow each week, she says.

Weight loss according to Ojala, is often a poor motivation for exercise, and many overestimate the effectiveness of exercise in dieting. Exercise has many benefits, even if the weight does not drop.

– Exercise has other, much better benefits than weight loss. I encourage you to exercise for joy and health effects and then lose weight with a diet if you wish.

If exercising doesn’t seem natural, everyday exercise can be almost as beneficial as exercise. Playing in the yard and taking a long walk with a friend are great ways to exercise. Instead of a car, you should head to the store for a brisk walk on your back.

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