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Siberian vaccine recipients now demand explanation for lack of antibodies – Russian Deputy Prime Minister knocked out serious doubts as a “mere myth” – Abroad

Russia has been buzzing with allegations that the EpiVakKorona vaccine at the Siberian Vektor Institute has proved ineffective in several vaccinees.

Russian There have been public suspicions that the country’s third domestic coronavirus vaccine, EpiVakKorona, has proven to be uncertain and even completely ineffective for several vaccinees.

EpiVakKorona is a synthetic peptide vaccine developed by the Siberian Vektor Institute, the widespread distribution of which should start in Russia at the end of March. At that time, about 500,000 doses of vaccine are ready, while so far only a few tens of thousands of doses of the vaccine have been distributed.

The Siberian vaccine has received provisional approval from the Russian Ministry of Health, but its clinical trials are still ongoing. Critics say there has not been enough evidence of the effectiveness of the vaccine, and some people who are guaranteed to have received a genuine vaccine are still suffering from severe covid-19 disease.

The latest the turnaround occurred early in the week when a group of volunteers vaccinated with EpiVak posted on the internet open letter To the Russian health authorities. They raise concerns about the effectiveness of the vaccine and call for more detailed research and open publication of data before the vaccine becomes widely used.

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EpiVakKorona is one of Russia’s three domestic vaccines, among which the Russian president Vladimir Putin is said to have chosen his own vaccine on Tuesday. The name of the vaccine chosen by Putin has not been revealed.

The Sputnik V vaccine is currently widely used in Russia and has received good scientific reviews internationally. On Tuesday, IS also reported on the second KoviVak corona vaccine, considered a promising vaccine in Russia, developed by the Tshumakov Center in Moscow.

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Doubts Russia is already so large against EpiVakKorona that the country’s deputy prime minister, who is one of the leaders in the coron’s virus fight, Tatiana Golikova rushed to television on Tuesday to make a reassuring statement.

Rossija 24 The reporter of the channel told Golikova directly during the interview that there is a lack of trust in EpiVak and rumors that the experiments with it would have failed.

– No, it’s not like that. There are still too few (scientific) publications on it. I look forward to the releases coming soon, and after that, these myths of inefficiency will vanish, Golikova said.

According to Golikova, EpiVakKorona has been made with a new technology that is not yet very widely used, which is why the vaccine has so far been talked about very little and cautiously in public. At the same time, he recalled that he had taken EpiVak himself and said that his own levels of antibodies were “at a good level”.

(The video below features Golikova’s recent statement about EpiVakKorona.)

With EpiVakKorona however, vaccinated individuals state in an open letter that they suspect that the vaccine is not as effective as its developers have suggested.

Vaccines say they also did their own blind test by sending samples to several Russian laboratories. Comparative test samples had been taken from a total of 116 people who had taken part in the vaccine trial – that is, an estimated 25% of them (about 29 out of 116) would have received placebo and this might have explained their possible lack of antibodies.

– However, no antibodies were found in 52 people, which is more than 25% of the 116 people. What would be the probability that all individuals who hit this sample and had a negative antibody result would have happened to be from the placebo group? the authors of the open letter ask benchmarking commissioned by them from the bottom.

The Russian consumer authority Rospotrebnadzor has previously stated that the immunological potency of EpiVakKorona would be “up to 100%”. Such a result will be reported in the first and second phase clinical trials of the vaccine obtained, he wrote Rossiiskaja gazeta in January.

Open according to the letter, EpiVak does not appear to have protected some vaccinees from even the more severe form of covid-19 disease. Among them are said to be people who had already been shown to have formed antibodies in connection with a vaccine test, and people who had been guaranteed a genuine vaccine already in connection with the actual vaccination program.

– We have compiled data from 18 people who have become infected after taking both doses of EpiVakKorona. There are difficult cases where the lungs have been badly destroyed and they have been hospitalized, Andrei Krinitski said Doktor Piter according to.

Director of the Information and Analysis Department of the Vector Institute Vladimir Petrov acknowledged that the immunity of those vaccinated with EpiVak does not develop until weeks. Some of the cases now known had occurred some week after the second dose of the vaccine.

– For the most part, immunity does not develop until 21 days after the second dose of the vaccine, not earlier, Petrov said Newsru.comaccording to.

News site Medusa representatives of the Vektor Institute interviewed also deny doubts about the ineffectiveness of EpiVak.

According to the representatives of the clinical trials of the vaccine, an article in the scientific journal will be published soon, after which the results will be openly visible to everyone. However, according to the researchers, the scientific publication is still under review, which is why they are not yet able to provide more detailed figures and statistics to the public at this stage.

However, according to the vector, one special feature of EpiVak is that not all antibody tests are suitable for measuring the antibodies it produces. This explains the suspicion of the lack of antibodies, according to the institute.

– Why don’t people find anything in themselves (antibodies)? It is usually because a person goes to do a test in a nearby laboratory. However, the peptide vaccine is a new type and requires tests of its own. Antibody levels in our vaccine must be measured with our own test system, Vice President of Vector Institute Tatjana Nepomjashtshih said to Meduz.

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