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showdown between Emmanuel Macron and doctors


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S.Cimino, F.Mathieux, C.Beauvalet

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The standoff continues between Emmanuel Macron and the doctors who demand a hard confinement as a year ago, given the progression of the epidemic. They say in a column published on Sunday March 28 that they could be forced to sort out patients.
He persists and signs: the Head of State once again assumes his strategy while we are talking about an additional turn of the screw to deal with the Covid-19 epidemic. “For the coming days, we will be looking at the effectiveness of the braking measures and we will take the necessary ones if necessary. But at this hour nothing is decided“said the head of state on Sunday Newspaper.

Emmanuel Macron is still banking on the acceleration of the vaccination campaign to get out of the health crisis. In passing, he tackles part of the scientific community. “Scientific unanimity has never been there (…). Some said to us ‘In February you are going to take the wall’. We did not hit the wall (…). We have taken measures proportionate to the situation“, he added in the Sunday Newspaper. But faced with the assurance of the Head of State, 41 emergency physicians and resuscitators from Paris hospitals are asking for a return to strict confinement. “The measures taken are insufficient to relieve the hospital pressure“, they say in a column published on Sunday March 28 in the JDD. They warn about the sorting of patients which will be necessary.

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