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should the government close schools?


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J. Lonchampt, K. Adda-Rezig, S. Giaume, France 3 Régions, A.Da Silva

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Should schools be closed to close epidemics? Many doctors are asking for it. The pressure is increasing on Emmanuel Macron, before a long-awaited Defense Council Wednesday March 31.
Schools are more than ever threatened by a closure in an attempt to curb the Covid-19 epidemic. Tuesday March 30, in Paris, the hypothesis divides among the parents of students. “Children need to get together, to be together, to play, to learn. I find it inconceivable to close the schools“, abounds a mother Tuesday morning.”At the beginning we wanted to close the schools, then we reopened them, then we close the first case. We don’t really know what to think about it anymore“, asks another.

If the question is becoming more and more pregnant, it is that in schools, colleges or high schools, contagions are on the increase. Last week, 21,183 students tested positive for the coronavirus and 3,256 classes were closed. Among young people under 19, the incidence rate is rising dramatically. It even passed the peak of the second wave. Many caregivers are therefore calling for radical measures. But for the moment, the government refuses to close schools since May 11, 2020, a strategy almost unique in the world.

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