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She was injured in the explosion: “I felt shards of ice on me”

A powerful explosive device detonated during Tuesday night on Långarödsvägen in Höganäs and about 40 apartments had to be evacuated. Sara Kondos lives with her partner and a four-month-old baby in one of the houses next door.

– I had just given my daughter the bottle, took out a mattress from the bedroom and lay down by the window because I thought I could sleep there for a while. All of a sudden I hear a loud bang that I have never experienced, she tells SVT Nyheter Helsingborg.

Had to go to hospital

The whole window was blown out by the loud bang.

– I was panicking and my daughter woke up and screamed. I grabbed her and ran out of the room. When I turned on the light in the hall, I saw that it was dripping blood.

Sara Kondos had cut herself in the elbow but the daughter survived unharmed. She had to go to the hospital and sew four stitches.

– I panicked because I had put my daughter next to me. I do not think I have experienced anything so dramatic, she says.

The window of Sara Kondo’s apartment was blown out by the explosion. She got shards of ice over her and injured her elbow. Photo: SVT
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On Tuesday morning, Sara Kondos and her family were home in the apartment again. In addition to the window that was smashed, the home has survived damage.

According to Höganäshem, they will get new windows or panels to put for the window holes during the day.

The tenants who have been hardest hit by the explosion will not be able to live in their apartments in the near future.

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