Wednesday, March 31, 2021
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She receives an extra dose of the corona vaccine

– It is important to place the needle tip as far down in the membrane as possible, so that you get the last, says Helene Citterio, district nurse at Kroksbäck’s health center.

Not all nurses are capable of receiving seven doses and this requires practice. Helene Citterio says that before the vaccination started, she practiced, without a vaccine, to get the extra milliliters needed.

– What is important to think about is a good work environment, to take plenty of time. And that there are few people who deal with the vaccine because then you become good at it, says Anna Krämer, operations manager at Kroksbäck’s health center in Malmö.

Has vaccinated another 145

At the health center, it is estimated that approximately 145 extra people have been vaccinated, as the last drops of the expensive vaccine could be saved with an additional dose. The Medical Products Agency recommends that only six doses be taken from each Pfizer ampoule, which means that a potential dose is discarded.

– We are in the middle of a pandemic where it is about saving lives. Then we felt that we should not throw away doses but take care of every drop, says Anna Krämer.

Can be introduced on a broad front in Skåne

During Wednesday’s press conference with Region Skåne, vaccine coordinator Maria Landgren was able to say that this may become the rule in the future, as syringes have been found that can make the work easier:

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– We have worked hard to find better materials to increase doses in Pfizer’s ampoule. We have ordered it and it will arrive at the end of April. That alone means that we get 17 percent more Pfizer vaccine.

From three ampoules, there will be 21 doses instead of 18. Photo: Johan Dernelius

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