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Shcherbakova explained why she performed only a quadruple flip at the World Cup – RT in Russian

Russian figure skater Anna Shcherbakova told why she performed only a quadruple flip in the free program at the World Championships in Stockholm.

“It was not known in advance. Everything changed. Here in training, I trained a variation with two different quads – lutz and flip. Then there was a break day before the free program, and I approached the coaches with a proposal to skate with two flips, removing the lutz, ”Sport24 quotes Shcherbakova.

According to her, the coaches looked at the workout and agreed with it. As a result, a variant with two quadruple flips was planned.

“And the fact that the quad will be alone … This is already my impromptu during the performance. At that moment I realized that now it will be better. In advance, I said to myself the option that if I fall from the first, then I go to the second, but during the skating I realized that it would be more correct and more reliable to perform with the second triple instead of the quadruple, ”said Shcherbakova.

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17-year-old Shcherbakova became the world champion in women’s skating, gaining 233.17 points on the sum of two programs. The second place was taken by Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, and the third – by Alexandra Trusova.

Earlier it was reported that Shcherbakova will take part in the team World Figure Skating Championships in Japan.

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