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“Sharjah TV and Radio” in Ramadan … the largest program cycle in its history and 137 programs and series – Our Life – Entities

Sharjah Broadcasting and Television Authority overlooks its audience through its channels and radio stations, with the largest and most varied program cycle this year. It includes a wide range of religious, entertainment, social and cultural programs, with a total of 137 different works, characterized by a multiplicity of topics, to touch all the tastes and interests of the small screen audience in Ramadan.
The program course includes various series in its issues and dramatic treatments for major Arab stars, in addition to interesting competition programs that offer valuable prizes and television works whose axes have been carefully selected, and the Sharjah Broadcasting and Television Authority produced them according to a vision based on exploring the audience’s preferences and raising the viewer’s awareness in the holy month. .

In a statement on the occasion of the completion of preparations for the launch of the Ramadan 2021 program cycle, Muhammad Hassan Khalaf, Director General of the Sharjah Radio and Television Authority, confirmed that this year’s program session is the largest compared to previous sessions. Pointing out that challenging the difficulties in selecting and implementing program ideas in light of the current circumstances, contributed to raising the level of work teams ’eagerness to accomplish in record time and with high quality, which led to the success in implementing the Ramadan cycle programs, within the usual annual vision of the authority to intensify cultural and dramatic content, And presenting a programmatic panorama rich in content and diversity, given the spiritual atmosphere that permeates the presence of families in homes during most of the times of the blessed month.
The Director General of the Sharjah Radio and Television Authority said: “During the preparation of the Ramadan season programs for this year, we were keen to continue to consolidate the media identity that characterizes Sharjah’s channels and radio stations, whose exceptional work has become anticipated by the public, and we focused on preparing targeted quality programs, whose topics and objectives were chosen in line with the month. Generous, in a way that achieves our media mission, as well as attracting viewers who trust Sharjah’s vision towards upgrading the media discourse, and its inclusion of cultural and enlightening messages, while preserving the spirit of art and creativity, and all that the viewer is looking for in terms of amazement and taste satisfaction.

The most prominent stars
With the start of the countdown to the holy month of Ramadan, the audience will be on a date with a number of Arab drama stars, who are participating in new series, broadcast on Sharjah Radio and Television Authority channels and stations. Among the most prominent of them are Jamal Suleiman, Samiha Ayoub, Ayman Zidan, Rashid Assaf and Slaf Fawakherji. As for the stars of the small screen from the Gulf, a number of well-known artists will be seen by the audience, most notably Saad Al-Faraj, Jasim Al-Nabhan, Muhammad Al-Mansour, Ilham Al-Fadala, Haya Abdel-Salam, Mona Hussein, Buthaina Al-Raisi and Hassan Mahdi.
While Sharjah channels and radio stations offer a package of social, cultural and religious programs, varying between competitions, awareness programs, education and lighting on folk literature and local heritage, prepared and presented by a group of media professionals who have experiences in forming a connection with the public with their distinctive programs.

Knowing and entertaining
Referring to the most prominent works expected, Salem Ali Al Ghaithi, Director of Sharjah TV, said that the programmatic map of Sharjah TV in the new Ramadan season includes 23 works, including 5 series, including a cartoon series, and 18 programs from local production, aiming to achieve maximum benefit and enjoyment for various Viewers slides.
Al-Ghaithi added: “Among the competition programs with a sober scientific and cultural horizon, Sharjah TV will present the“ Knowledge Cup ”program in Ramadan, which provides information in the form of competitions on various life paths, and in which students of Sharjah universities compete and broadcast live in the evening throughout the days of the holy month of Ramadan. , With three additional episodes airing on Eid.

Arab drama
The Arab drama is present in Ramadan this year on Sharjah TV through several works, including the series “Peacock” by Raouf Abdel Aziz, starring Jamal Suleiman and Sahar Al-Sayegh, and “Al-Kandoush” starring Slaf Fawakherji and Ayman Zaidan.

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Gulf drama
The Gulf drama continues its presence in all Ramadan seasons, and this season, Sharjah TV presents the Gulf series “Matar Summer”, which revolves around the Ghanem family, whose members are dragging their lives to the path of the abyss after a period of family stability, starring Saad Al-Faraj, Nour, and Hassan Mahdi And the share of the Nabhan and other names.
As for the second Gulf series, it bears the name “Al-Namoos” and its events take place in the homes of the forties in Kuwait, right up to the era of the seventies, as part of a dramatic monitoring of social changes in the Gulf environment through Kuwaiti society. The series is starring Muhammad Al-Mansour, Jasim Al-Nabhan, Haifa Adel, Khaled Amin, Buthaina Al-Raisi and other names.
And through the “Shadu Al-Ahrf” program, the audience of Sharjah TV explores with Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Musallam, Director of the Sharjah Heritage Institute, Examples of Emirati Folk Literature. The program tours the poems of old Emirati poets and poets of the eighties and nineties of the twentieth century, while Saif Fadel presents in the “Jewels” program 13 inspirational stories, narrated by their owners themselves, and reflects the positive spirit in Facing life’s challenges.
Al-Wusta channel from Dhaid, as usual, excels in attracting series that depict the life of the Bedouin and Bedouin communities, with its high intensity drama full of situations. Among the dramas that the channel will be showing in this year’s Ramadan season is the Bedouin series “Jallmood Al Sahara”, which brings together in the tournament: Juliette Awad, Ola Mudhain, Muhammad Al Majali, Mundhir Rayahneh, Abeer Issa, Muhammad Al Abadi, Jamil Awad, Wissam Al Baraihi, Minia and Ghada Abbasi.
Al-Wusta TV from Al-Dhaid also shows the series “Saqqar”, starring Rashid Assaf and Qamar Khalaf, alongside the stars Jamal Al-Ali, Rana Al-Abyad, Rawaa Yassin, Farouk Al-Jumah, and other stars.
In a qualitative program that travels with viewers towards the living memory of Al Dhaid’s past and its society, viewers of Al Wusta Channel join the caravan that travels with them over the years, touching the features of life, the nature of people, their professions and their concerns, and refreshing a memory that has stored from life its wisdom and philosophy, through the program «Soulaf Lamsian».
Continuing to dive into the memory of the past to invoke the intimacy of places and inspiring experiences, the program “Ramadan of that time” seeks to achieve this goal for viewers, thanks to the content it provides that illuminates the memory of the place at the level of the desert environment and its people, and what they find in it of nostalgia for the past with its simplicity, values ​​and ethics.
One of the most prominent shows of Al Sharqiya TV during the holy month is the “Wajah” program, which hosts in every episode a famous actor or personality, and takes from the Eastern Province as a destination for the program’s tour during the conversation with the guests of the episodes presented by Abdullah bin Haider.
Within the framework of the Ramadan competitions programs in which the public participates and takes culture, heritage and general information as a focus for competition and prize collection, the channel presents the “Old Market” competitions program, which is launched in Khor Fakkan, where the presenter of the program Omar Ahmed toured in each episode with two elderly people, then The question is asked, and one of the guests gives the wrong answer while the other gives the correct answer, and then the contestants must choose to find the correct answer.
Among the religious programs Fahd Haykal introduces the “With Man” program, which links the scientific miracles with the Qur’anic verses, by directing human behavior to contemplate and contemplate the creation of God.
Al Sharqiya channel from Kalba also presented to its viewers in this session 5 new series, “Al-Rouh wa Al-Rayya”, which is taking place in the era of the nineties, in a dramatic framework depicting the human relations between children and their parents and the problems of the brothers, starring Abdullah Al-Turkmani and Heba Al-Dari, and Shima Ali Wu Reem Rahma And Iman Al-Husseini, Yaqoub Abdullah, Fatima Al Hosani and other names.
And the series “Amina Haf” written by Ali Dohan and directed by Saed Bashir Al Hawari, and tells the story of Amina, who begins her life when she discovers that her cruel husband is hiding a large sum of money in her home and deprives her and her children of their most basic rights.
And the series “Pulse Mu’taqim”, starring Haya Abdel Salam, Maytham Badr, Hanadi Al-Kandari, Shihab Jawhar, and other names. And the series “I Love You Yet” is in a romantic Gulf format, written and scripted by Maryam Al-Hajri, directed by Khaled Jamal, and starring Fahd Abdul-Mohsen, Hussein Al-Mahdi, Buthaina Al-Raisi, Mays Qamar and Muhammad Al-Ramadan. And the cartoon series “Mashael Al-Nour” tells the story of a group of the most important figures who contributed to building the Islamic civilization, and how their influence appeared since their youth.
Sharjah Sports Channel receives the month of Ramadan with three programs, most notably the famous public competition program “One of the Three”, presented by the trio Khaled Al Hammadi, Ali Al Ali and Ibrahim Al Zaabi.

Sharjah Radio 50 programs
Sharjah Radio prepared 50 works for its listeners in Ramadan, and Abeer Al Shawi, Director of Sharjah Radio, said that locally produced programs won the largest share.
Al-Shawi stated that the radio production for this season included the “Najm Al-Majalis” program, presented by Jamal Al-Sumaiti and Maryam Al-Ajeel.
In the field of drama, Sharjah Radio receives Ramadan with three series, including the series “Khattar Al-Hana”, which brings together a constellation of the most prominent representatives of the Arab Gulf; From the UAE and Bahrain, including Ahmed Al Jasmi, Marwan Abdullah, Khalil Al Rumaithi, Adel Al Jawhar, and Malak Al Khalidi.
As for the fifth part of the series “Halles”, it returns this year to portray the story of a simple human being in his dreams and aspirations. This exceptional character is represented by the able Emirati actor Jaber Naghmoush, and his co-stars include Naji Khamis, Ahmed Al-Ansari, and Hoda Al-Ghanem.

The Holy Quran Radio
Khalifa Hassan Khalaf, Director of the Holy Quran Radio, said that the radio will present 20 new works within the Ramadan program cycle, including a package of religious programs, whose titles and themes are derived from the specialization of the radio, taking advantage of the public’s openness to its broadcasts and the broad horizon that the atmosphere of the blessed month of Ramadan allows.
The Holy Quran Radio has introduced programs for the first time during the Ramadan cycle, namely: Ramadan phrases, Quranic differences, Quranic creation, reciters’ imitation competition, invocations of the end, Quranic performance, flags in which the Quran was revealed. In addition to presenting new seasons of programs that have already achieved success among listeners, and include the following programs:
Sermon Verse 2, Gifted Mercy 2, Spirit of Verses 3, Stories of Verses 4, Virtues of Deeds 2, Qur’anic Reflections 3, Qur’an Vocabulary 3, Qur’anic Readings 3, Tafsir by maxim 2, Qur’anic questions 2, Emirates reciters 3, Anecdotes of recitations 3, memorization sessions 2.

Pulse 95-6
Saif Al-Shalal, director of the English-language Plus 95 radio, said that the radio will present to its listeners 6 programs in Ramadan, five of which are broadcast live.
Among the Ramadan programs this year on Pulse 95 is Morning Majlis (8-10pm), which airs during the morning shift, and deals with business issues and international news with a focus on Sharjah news. And Evening Karak (8-10pm), which offers everything that interests young people in the movie and games arena and everything new.
The radio also produced a special program for the blessed month of Ramadan on social media entitled “The Prophet of Mercy”, which talks about the stories of the Prophet Muhammad (may God bless him and grant him peace) in a simple style that suits the radio’s non-Arab listeners.

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