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Sharjah municipality closes 30 violating dirt yards since the beginning of the year – local – other

Sharjah City Municipality, in cooperation with the Community Police Department of the Sharjah Police General Headquarters, started a wide campaign on all areas of the city to monitor and close off the offending dirt squares after monitoring some negative behaviors in such squares such as leaving vehicles there for long periods and parking randomly leading to agitation and gathering of dust and dirt, This causes a distortion of the civilized appearance, as 30 illegal dirt squares have been closed since the beginning of this year.

In this context, Assistant Director General of the Customer Service Sector at Sharjah Municipality, Khalid bin Falah Al-Suwaidi, emphasized that these squares are considered to be distorting the general appearance because they lack the minimum standards of parking in terms of corridors, vehicle safety, parking randomly, and closing some with their vehicles to others’ vehicles and thus they cannot move at their will. In heading to their destinations, there is a need to communicate with the competent authorities to contact the owner of the vehicle and move it, in addition to the damage to some vehicles by people trying to stop in any way without taking into account leaving sufficient distances between other vehicles, and there are no clear entrances and exits to these squares, so he finds a lot Its users often find it difficult to exit.

For his part, the Director of the Public Parking Department, Ali Ahmed Abu Ghazin, explained that the campaign began in the area of ​​Al Nahda after ensuring that there were enough regular parking spaces in the area, as the number of parking lots provided for fees and provided by the municipality last year reached more than 7,500 parking spaces in that area, and the availability of yards An investment that contains 2,500 parking spaces, in addition to the availability of parking spaces for residential buildings, which exceeds 2,000, and the municipality at the present time continues to work on preparing a number of places within the area to provide other regular parking spaces within its plans to provide public parking in all parts of the city throughout the year.

Abu Ghazin stated that more than 30 violating dirt yards have been closed since the beginning of this year in separate areas of Sharjah, indicating that these squares are closed according to a set of stages that include measuring parking occupancy rates in a systematic manner, so that no yard is closed unless after making sure. If there are enough regular parking spaces, then the municipality distributes awareness leaflets for a period of 3 days before the closure to inform vehicle owners to close the square and prevent parking in it, and a notice is placed to review the public parking management on vehicles that have not been moved, then close the entrances to these yards and leave one exit to allow For vehicle owners to get out of it, then close it completely and withdraw abandoned vehicles and seize them in the municipality network.

The Director of the Public Parking Department at the Sharjah City Municipality noted that many negative phenomena were monitored inside these squares, such as neglected vehicles, throwing garbage and pieces of furniture in them, and the many light accidents that are recorded against unknown people and the exploitation of these squares to establish random markets and take some vehicles as a place to sleep inside.

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The Sharjah City Municipality urges all members of the community to stop their vehicles in the regular parking lots and licensed and approved yards, to pay attention to the cleanliness of their vehicles and to take care of them constantly, and not to stop in such forbidden parking spaces or violating dirt squares to contribute to preserving the general civilized appearance and preserving their property.

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