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Shabab Al-Ahly is able to win the title of “Asian Champions” – a local sport

Athletes confirmed that the list of Shabab Al-Ahly players, announced by the technical staff to participate in the AFC Champions League, qualifies the team to compete for the continental title, noting that the team’s performance has improved significantly after coach Mahdi Ali took over the leadership of the team to succeed the Spanish coach Gerard Zaragoza, which contributed to Shabab Al-Ahly qualified for the final match of the President’s Cup and the Arabian Gulf Cup.

They told “Emirates Today”: “The AFC Champions League matches are more powerful and difficult than the local matches,” noting that “Shabab Al-Ahly owns a large group of ready-made players who have good experiences to compete in the continental championship,” explaining that “Omar Abdul Rahman included everyone. And Ahmed Khalil to the list strengthens the options that the technical staff has, in addition to the fact that foreign players are performing very good levels that contribute to Al-Ahly youth’s achievement of good results in the group stage.

For his part, Deputy Technical Supervisor at the Football Academy at Al-Ahly Youth Club, Antar Marzouq, confirmed that Al-Ahly Youth has nothing short of competing for the AFC Champions League title in the current version, explaining: “The position of Al-Ahly Youth at the present time is completely different from the team’s form at the beginning. Season, especially after hiring coach Mahdi Ali, who brought the team back to the right path, while the performance of the national players improved dramatically, and the same applies to foreign players.

He added: “The team must have confidence in its capabilities, as the matter depends entirely on the system and not on individual aspects, and I see that Mahdi Ali, who is training the team for the third time, has done a great job despite having stopped training for a period of up to three years, but he has proven that he is a good follower of my league. The Arab Gulf, while the most prominent challenge will be that the team is in the group stage in Saudi Arabia, and the first group includes Hilal, who will get the advantage of being able to attend the audience, while the chances of Shabab Al-Ahly are equal with the other two teams.

In turn, sports analyst Mohamed Ghorab said: “The list of Shabab Al Ahly includes a good group of players, but I think that the difficulty will be that the team can play with six foreign players in the league, while the AFC Champions League regulations stipulate that there are only four players, which may affect Passively in the team ».

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He continued: “The technical situation will be different because the Asian champions’ matches are more powerful than the local matches, but what we are pleased with is that the team’s list witnessed the inclusion of Omar Abdul Rahman and Ahmed Khalil, which benefits the team psychologically and technically in the event of their readiness, and with regard to the presence of the Saudi Hilal in the same group. It does not constitute an obstacle for the team to skip the group stage, especially since the two teams played a lot together in the past versions, and there was a great rivalry between them.

On the other hand, sports analyst Hamzah Abbas stressed that Al-Ahly youth have great chances of overcoming the group stage, and said: “I see that Mahdi Ali made the difference in the level and results of the team in the past period, which enhances the chances of (Dubai Knights) qualifying for the role. The 16 ».

He concluded: “The most prominent characteristic of the team is that there are no problems facing it, besides the readiness of all players, which contributes to making all good conditions for the players to present all they have and appear well, especially since the Al-Ahly youth crowd looks forward to the team continuing its good results. And to reach advanced stages in the continental championship ».

Team matches in Group A:

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– April 15: Independence Monday.

April 18th: Crescent

April 21: The winner from Al Gharafa and Ajamak.

April 24th: The winner from Al Gharafa and Ajamak.

– April 27: Independence Monday.

April 30th: Crescent

List of Al-Ahly youth in Asia

Majed Nasser, Hassan Hamza, Jamal Ismail, Hamdan Al Kamali, Walid Abbas, Muhammad Marzouq, Abdulaziz Heikal, Salmeen Khamis, Youssef Jaber, Mohammed Jaber, Saud Abdul Razzaq, Saeed Ahmed, Abdulaziz Sanqour, Yahya Al Ghassani, Ahmed Jamil, Abdullah Abdul Rahman, Rashid Suhail Abdullah Al-Naqbi, Marwan Fahd, Hareb Suhail, Eid Khamis, Majid Hassan, Omar Abdel Rahman, Ahmed Khalil, Ahmed Al-Attas, Muhammad Jumaa, Carlos Eduardo, Cartabia, Igor Jesus and Jalaluddin Macharbeov.

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