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Home Sport several national teams in support of the workers of Qatar
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several national teams in support of the workers of Qatar


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Several European teams have shown their mobilization to defend human rights. Qatar, the host country of the next World Cup in 2022, is in the grip of strong criticism concerning the working conditions of foreign workers, on the future venues of the competition.
Human rights, on and off the pitch“, this is the message that we could read on the t-shirts of the Norwegian football team on Saturday March 28, as they were preparing to play a qualifying match for the next World Cup, organized in Qatar in 2022. A commitment shared by Germany and the Netherlands The movement follows an investigation published by the British newspaper “The Guardian”, which discusses the working conditions of workers in future places of the competition.

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According to the daily, 6,500 workers, all foreigners, have lost their lives on construction sites since 2010. In Norway, football clubs have called for a boycott of the World Cup. “We protest because we want to help. Our action is starting to echo around the world. Of course it’s politics, but sport and politics go together and will always go together“Says Stale Solbakken, the coach of the national team. On the side of the Blues, it was captain Hugo Lloris who reacted.”It’s a good thing, there is no player who is indifferent to what has been said or written about all this“, he declared. For its part, Qatar assures to have worked for the improvement of the labor law in the country.

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