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several gunshot deaths during an anti-Modi demonstration

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                In Bangladesh, at least five people were killed while demonstrating against the coming of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  A visit which began this Friday morning as part of the celebrations of the fifty years of independence of Bangladesh from Pakistan.

                                    <p>The clashes erupted in a small rural town in southern Bangladesh, Hathazari, where the main leaders of the radical Islamist group Hefazat-e-Islam, to which those killed belonged, are based.  According to the local government, the demonstrators attacked a police station chanting anti-Modi slogans.  Hefazat-e-Islam, for his part, claims that the police opened fire on peaceful demonstrators.

In the town of Brahmanbaria, one person was killed in the clashes, a police spokesman said. According to him, the agents “ opened fire And launched tear gas in the direction of the demonstrators.

Earlier today, there had already been clashes in the capital Dhaka during an anti-Modi demonstration near the country’s main mosque. Several dozen people were injured according to the local press.

In fact, protesters have accused Narendra Modi for several days of stirring up religious tensions in India and for inciting violence against the Muslim minority which resulted in a thousand deaths in 2002 in the Indian state of Gujarat which he led at the time.

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This Friday, in Dhaka, during the closing of the festival organized for the anniversary of the independence of Bangladesh, a ceremony attended by Narendra Modi, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, she appreciated the free sending by her Indian counterpart of coronavirus vaccines to its neighbors, including Bangladesh. And she hailed India as a “ development partner. »


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