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Several changes coming to Windows 10 – Digitoday

Microsoft is pre-installing more programs on Windows 10 and changing the look of the operating system.

Microsoft is testing several upgrades in the trial version of Windows 10, Bleeping Computer and ZDNet tell. One of the innovations concerns programs that automatically come with the operating system.

The trial version includes Windows Terminal and Power Automate Desktop as new programs. The former is intended to use a traditional command prompt and the latter to perform various repetitive tasks automatically. Power Automate Desktop used to be chargeable, but now it is coming free for all Windows 10 users.

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Power Automate Desktop is a tool for power users to automate repetitive tasks.­

Not everyone likes the idea of ​​forcibly infiltrating new programs into Windows. On the other hand, Microsoft has given users more power over what pre-installed programs they can remove.

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It is unclear whether the new programs preinstalled on Windows 10 are ones that the user can choose to remove.

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Other innovations now being tested include a new loose view of Windows Explorer for handling files, which is intended to make it easier to use, especially on touch screens. New animations are also included when opening and minimizing windows.

Changes are coming to virtual desktops. In the future, users can change their wallpapers and rearrange their desktops.

At least some of these reforms are coming in the so-called Sun Valley update. It is expected to be a more significant update than Windows 10, which will revamp the look of the interface in many ways, including the Start menu.

It is unclear whether Microsoft intends to release the expected Sun Valley this year in one big boost. According to the Makeuseof website the update may be broken down into sections and fed to users more smoothly bit by bit.

Microsoft is about to release another update for Windows 10 called 21H1. The update, which will be published during the spring or early summer, will focus on, among other things, promoting information security and teleworking.

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Microsoft may still make changes to the features tested or discard them altogether.

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