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Seven DeNA foreign players come to Japan as a special case of the government. Negative test is isolated for 2 weeks | Professional baseball

Professional baseball team DeNA announced on the 27th that seven foreign players who could not get a visa due to the new coronavirus and could not make it to the start of the season came to Japan on the 27th.

DeNA is a total of 10 foreigners, including Soto, who won the home run king for the second consecutive year, and Austin, who hit 20 home runs in the first year of his arrival in Japan last season. The player belongs to.

However, due to the state of emergency caused by the new coronavirus, visa was not issued and all foreign players were not in time for the start of the season.

Under these circumstances, in consideration of the public interest of professional sports, DeNA allowed foreign players to enter the country as a special case after the state of emergency was lifted, and DeNA has 10 out of 10 players such as Soto and Austin. Seven players announced that they have come to Japan on the 27th.

Of these, the new pitcher Romero, who was negative in the PCR test before coming to Japan, was quarantined at the facility designated by the airport quarantine station because he received a positive test in the Narita Airport test.

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The other six who tested negative will also be quarantined for two weeks, during which time adjustments will be made at the team facility.

The remaining 3 players will come to Japan in the future

In addition, the remaining three pitchers, including Escobar, are scheduled to visit Japan in the future.DeNA is aiming to win the championship for the first time in 23 years under the direction of Daisuke Miura, who has grown up from this season, but in the absence of Soto and Austin who are the center of the batting line, the season starts on the 26th and they lose two consecutive games I was enjoying it.

Regarding the arrival of foreign players in Japan, Miura said on the morning of the 28th at the Tokyo Dome where the match will be held, “I’m glad I was able to enter the country safely. I can expect an overall increase in offensive and defensive strength.” So, regarding the joining of the 1st army, he said, “I have at least two weeks, so I will check the condition and make a decision.”

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