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Senbatsu Meiho Chiben Gakuen wins 6-4 and advances to the best 4 | High school baseball

In the third match of the Senbatsu High School Baseball Quarterfinals, Meiho High School in Oita beat Nara’s Chiben Gakuen 6-4, and advanced to the final four following the adulthood.

In the first inning, captain Koshuya hit the lead batter home run to take the lead, and in the third inning, he added two points with two timely hits.

Furthermore, in the 5th inning, No. 4 Kuroki Hinata hit a timely hit for two at-bats in a row, returning two runners and widening the lead to 5-0.

On the other hand, Chiben Gakuen showed tenacity in the batting line after the 5th inning and returned 4 points, but could not catch up due to Meiho’s strong defense.

Meiho won 6-4 and advanced to the best four, following Otoshi, who had the highest record in the spring and summer.

Director Meiho Kawasaki “The players really did their best”

Meiho coach Kawasaki Ayahei said, “I was able to get in as good as I could in the first half, but I thought that the opponent would definitely chase in the second half. It was hard to catch up more than I imagined, but the players really did their best. I got lost, “he recalled the match.In addition, in the scene of 2 outs 1st base and 3rd base after being pressed by 2 points in the 6th inning, left fielder Shino Anan caught a ball that was likely to cross his head while throwing his body and prevented a goal. Rather, he took it with tenacity. It was a very big play in the flow of the game. It was a play that symbolized this team trying to make a solid rhythm from the defense. “

Meiho Anan “I ate with all my strength”

Shino Anan, who defends the left field at Meiho High School, said in the 6th inning, in the scene of 2 outs, 1st base and 3rd base, he threw his body and caught a hit ball that seemed to cross his head. I thought it was irresistible, but if I tried my best, it eventually led to that play. I honestly don’t remember the moment I caught it because I was doing my best. “On top of that, he said, “I was told by Kawasaki that the outfielder was weak in winter, so I practiced well during the winter. If there was a point there, it was reversed, so I was honestly happy.”

Chiben Gakuen Director Kosaka “I want to come back to Koshien again”

Director Masaaki Kosaka of Chiben Gakuen said, “I was hit by a home run after dropping the lead batter’s foul fly once. On the other hand, six times. I was keenly aware of the weight of each play, saying, “I was blocked by a fine play from the chance that No. 4 Yosuke Yamashita would come out.”

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After that, he said for the summer, “The same Tenri High School in Nara Prefecture remains in the top four. The players are growing day by day, but in the summer I want to beat Tenri and come back to Koshien again.”

Chiben Gakuen Captain Yamashita “One more chance …”

Yosuke Yamashita, who is the captain of Chiben Gakuen and hits No. 4, said, “I think we are lacking in the fact that we didn’t get another one at the chance. With that in mind, I want to come back here in the summer so that I can be the best in Japan. “

Also, in the 6th inning to chase 2 points, 2 outs, 1st base and 3rd base, a big hit to the left in the scene, about the turn at bat blocked by fine play, “I could not swing from the first ball in the previous turn at bat, I was doing my best to hit. So I entered the turn at bat to attack myself. I felt like I should cross it, but I thought the other party was a nice spray. “

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