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Seija, 85, made 252 calls a day to get a vaccination time – Domestic

The four-hour playing drum did not work. – There was an announcement that the vaccine was out and vaccination times would no longer be given.

A resident of Kuopio Seija Haapavaara, 85, made 252 calls in one day to get time for coronary vaccination. The whole phone rumble was useless as the line was shut down before it was his turn.

– Yes, it was all about work, Haapavaara describes the contract.

In the second year, a late journalist and non-fiction writer Heikki Haapavaara mother Seija Haapavaara lives alone in Särkiniemi, Kuopio. The distance to the city center is four kilometers.

When appointments for coronary vaccinations over the age of 80 recently began in Kuopio, Haapavaarak also made the first call at ten o’clock, when the line was opened.

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– The tape immediately announced that the line is busy, Will you call again.

Haapavaara decided to continue playing frequently because he believed he would get caught at some point. Many other seniors thought the same way. The line was badly congested.

– I sat down, read and tapped the number every time. The tape was spinning all the time, telling me I was in line, Haapavaara describes.

He didn’t even guess to take a food break. However, the playing drum did not work.

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– There was an announcement that the vaccine was out and vaccination times would no longer be given.

It was time almost four hours passed. Haapavaara had called 252 times to make an appointment.

He decided to call the service numbers listed in the Kuopio City Newsletter. He recalls thinking that I guess someone is helping the elderly.

– The national line was only wise. It was known that I’ve been trying all day to get up to vaccination. I was advised to contact primary care health care. I didn’t call there because it’s not a corona number.

In one day, Seija Haapavaara from Kuopio made 252 unsuccessful calls to schedule a coroner vaccination.­

After four days, Haapavaara called again to make an appointment for coronary vaccinations. He got through this time after about 40 calls.

Haapavaara has already received its first coronavirus peak. The second vaccination is in June.

Many others had to fiddle hard with the phone in Kuopio to get time for coronary vaccination. IS is aware of a case where a person called 330 an appointment number in one day.

– The telephone reservations of the city of Kuopio during the vaccination periods were congested at the beginning and caused residents displeasure. Despite precautions, we were unable to prevent congestion. deputy mayor Jari Saarinen says.

According to Saarinen, vaccination times were given on the basis of certified vaccination deliveries, which were occasionally smaller than planned and were not verified until the last time.

– by appointment, therefore, took place in cycles, which contributes to increased congestion in human suffering and because of concern. Several people also called on behalf of the same client, and a number of people who would not have had a vaccination turn also called the appointment, adding to the congestion.

– At the same time, we have always had electronic appointments, but understandably many seniors have preferred to call.

The number of respondents has been increased to make it easier to make an appointment.

– In general, our vaccination rate has been at a good level nationwide, Deputy Mayor Saarinen estimates.

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