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“SEHA” group .. a prominent role in limiting the spread of “Covid-19”

The “SEHA” group, which contributes to the growth of the health sector, and keeps patients at the heart of everything it offers and seeks by providing the best quality in health care, has made great achievements to reduce the incidence of “Covid-19” virus, and to keep its spread rates low. Extremely.

In an interview with the Emirates News Agency (WAM), Dr. Marwan Al-Kaabi, Acting Executive Director of Operations at the “SEHA” Group, confirmed the prominent role that “SEHA” has played since the beginning of the outbreak of the pandemic, as specific hospitals have been allocated to receive those infected with the virus, to ensure that they receive treatment. And appropriate care, taking care to follow up the provision of health care services to the community, and adherence to safety measures.

He added that in March 2020, the group launched “telemedicine” services, which since its launch and so far have registered more than half a million “remote” consultations … pointing to the continuation of providing medication delivery services to homes to facilitate patients’ access to their medications.

He said: “(SEHA) has adopted strong strategies to ensure the safety of all its hospitals and clinics, encourage patients to visit its facilities to follow up on their health conditions, and ensure that all health problems not related to (Covid-19) are treated with the utmost care and safety within the (SEHA) facilities.” Pointing to the launch of the “Our Safety for Your Safety” campaign, to provide services to patients by reviewing hospitals, outpatient clinics and the emergency department, to receive the medical services they need that are not related to “Covid-19”.

Regarding the most important advice for patients suffering from chronic diseases, Dr. Marwan Al-Kaabi said, “My first advice is to consult a specialist doctor and clinical service providers, to avoid possible complications of cases and diseases that may sometimes be more dangerous than (Covid-19).” Adding that elderly patients and pregnant women, who suffer from chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes or high blood pressure, are more likely to have complications and infections, and they should pay attention to the warning signs, control their cases, and adhere to the specified schedule for visits to their doctors.

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Regarding the application of “SEHA”, innovative technologies, and digital solutions and their role in improving the patient’s experience, he stressed that despite the pandemic, this crisis gave us more distinction, and we were able to accelerate the achievement of many of our projects to achieve more effectiveness and efficiency, and indeed it owns “SEHA.” “A strong IT infrastructure, along with the knowledge and expertise needed to provide advanced medical solutions.

He added that, with the launch of the telemedicine service a year ago, we had a good understanding of the capabilities of our medical staff in providing it, and this technology enabled us to continue to enable access to health care services at “SEHA” during the height of the spread of the “Covid-19” virus, specifically. During the nation’s national sterilization program, we have successfully adapted to meet the evolving needs of society.

He affirmed SEHA’s keenness to work towards developing and implementing safety measures within the entire SEHA network, and it spends a lot of time and effort to ensure that all its clinical services are safe and able to handle patient visits.

Regarding the integration of service lines and the expansion of departmental lines in “SEHA” hospitals, and this is in line with the comprehensive “SEHA” strategy in providing health care .. Dr. Marwan Al Kaabi said that within the future “SEHA” strategy, we strive hard to provide our patients with ideal levels of health care services. And adding new specializations to the facility of their choice, adding that an integrated approach has been adopted in providing services by working as a network and applying the concept of “group practice model” in “SEHA” company, through which we advance patients’ experiences and give them greater access to specialties The additional subsidiary, physicians and services provided in our other facilities, as it allows us to integrate services to improve the quality of care and expand our healthcare offerings.

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On the most important operational plans for the year 2021, and the importance of that for the health care sector in the country .. He confirmed their participation at the beginning of 2021 in the national vaccination program, and the publication of the “Covid-19” vaccine, in more than 60 sites, by encouraging everyone to vaccinate in order to create an environment. Safe for everyone, stressing the need to continue adhering to safety measures even in the event of receiving vaccination.

Dr. Marwan Al Kaabi said, “Many of our upcoming plans revolve around seeking more efficiencies in our processes and procedures, increasing access to our services to further improve patient experiences and continuing our patient-centered approach. In addition, we seek to enhance our dependence on technology in all areas. Units, and we have several IT solutions under preparation, which are designed to improve the patient experience as well as improve the level and quality of services.

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