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seeds to take care of your health


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France 2

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S.Soubane, F.Guinle, F.Reboul, F.Griffond

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France 2

France Televisions

Chia seeds, which are very good for health, are very popular in France. Farmers are increasingly interested in it. But quinoa or flax seeds also have benefits.
They are brown and black, and measure a maximum of two millimeters. The chia seed was called the seed of the gods by the pre-Columbian peoples. It then fell into oblivion, before agronomists realized its incredible nutritional qualities. Its nutritional benefits are said to be exceptional: the chia seed contains a quarter of protein and a quarter of fat, two thirds of which are Omega 3 fatty acids, which are very good for health. Its easy cultivation and its price of 4000 euros per tonne are big advantages for the farmers who cultivate it.

Other seeds are also good for you, such as flax seed “very rich in Omega 3”, assures the journalist France Televisions, Florence Griffond, on the plate of France 2. Its shell being very hard, it is possible to grind it, or simply to use it in seasoning. “Another high protein seed is quinoa. It contains iron, minerals and vitamins.”

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