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Sebastian Vettel named his car after the girl James Bond: Honey Ryder – Sports

Honey Ryder was the first Bond girl, and now also Aston Martin’s first modern-day F1 car.

Many motorists have a close “relationship” to their outgoing game. When it comes to Formula 1 cars, a thorough knowledge of the car is literally a lifeline for drivers.

But giving cars nicknames is probably quite rare. Formula 1 driver With Sebastian Vettel however, this has long been the case.

Formula1.comAccording to the site, Vettel has previously driven, among other things Suzieta, Evaa, Lucilla, Ginaa and Daisy. But now the German has taken his ingenuity to a whole new level.

Vettel’s latest outbound game, the Aston Martin AMR 21, knows the name of pampering Honey Ryder.

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For lovers of James Bond movies, the bells ring right away. Yes, Vettel’s driving nickname comes from the first ever Bond web, published in 1962 Dr. No – more specifically, the first Bond girl in history.

– This car is the first of its kind, in a way a completely new story. So we thought it was a good nickname, Vettel tells

Bondien scriptwriter Ian Fleming named the first Bond girl originally Honeychile Rider, but the name was shortened to Honey Ryder.

A scene from Dr. No with a Swiss acting Bond girl Ursula Andress rising from the sea holding seashells in his hands, is one of the classics of film history.

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Aston Martin’s previous appearance in the F1 arenas is even longer than James Bond’s first appearance on the big screens. The British team was involved in the F1 circus in 1959 and 1960 with a slight loss. The break then dragged on for 60 years. For this season, the Racing Point stable changed its name to Aston Martin.

It remains to be seen whether Honey Ryder’s debut on asphalt will rise to a similar classic known around the world as the debut of her role model on the big screen.

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