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Sebastian Aho uses his skate blade to sharpen Juha-Pekka Matilainen from Helsinki – NHL

Juha-Pekka Matilainen made test blades for Sebastian Aho. “Sepe” liked them. These go.

In the world many are …

Except when it comes to the NHL star Sebastian Ahon skate center.

They can only be sharpened by one and only man in the world. Sun-accurate operation is only allowed Juha-Pekka with Matilainen.

– No one else has touched the blades, after I have started to do them. At least I haven’t seen or heard that it would be any different, Matilainen laughs.

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Matilainen, 40, designs, sharpens and services Aho’s most important tools at RamonEdge’s office in Konala, Helsinki.

Teuvo Teräväinen (Aho’s companion in Carolina Hurricanes) was my client even before Aho. I mentioned to “Teuka” that maybe “Sep even” should try these. I did test blades the following summer (2017), Matilainen backing up.

Matilainen can make a player a pair of three different test blades, after which the player may indicate what features he still wants from them. In the case of Aho, the process proceeded in a straightforward manner.

– We discussed the shape of the blades. Sepe knew quite well what shapes he had used before and well what he wanted from his blade. I found out more about the maintenance of his former club from the Oulu Flies and modified their shape according to my own views. He liked them. Since then, we have worked together.

Aho is a star player in Carolina Hurricanes.­

According to Matilainen, Aho previously used the “old” 30/60 design, which had a clean six-centimeter design, i.e. a sliding surface in the middle of the tip and base of the blade. The shaping section is the part of the steel that touches the ice.

– Since then, the basic radius has been 3.9 meters in the middle of the blades used by the blacksmith and four centimeters in the middle.

This means that the convexity of the Aho blade is the same as the outer edge of a circle with a radius of 3.9 meters.

The redesigned design has allowed Aho to make faster and sharper turns in NHL troughs.

– If there were eight cents straight, turning with skates would be much stiffer. If there were two centimeters straight, the blade would not be as balanced as a four-centimeter straight, Matilainen compares.

Different players use different designs.

– Sepe has wanted such a fairly balanced straightforwardness in his blades. There are also players whose blades have a pretty clean radius with no straight line. And on the other hand, players whose blade radius is really steep.

Aho has 60 pairs of blades he uses.­

Matilainen’s customers include NHL players as well Mikael Granlund, Roope Hintz and Valtteri Filppula.

– Granlund has changed the base radius one notch less than he had compared to the Champions League and the beginning of the NHL: his blades have been made more reversible. Hintz has played with exactly the same design in both the NHL and previously HIFK.

– I don’t make designs for myself, but they always start from the player’s desire. How clever and fast turns and how long does a player need to glide? How fast does he want the blades to turn compared to being balanced and sliding?

Aho and Sharp There are about 60 pairs of blades in the “round” that they take with them from Finland before heading behind the stump at the end of the summer. They mail their blades to Konala for maintenance 1-2 times during the normal NHL season.

– Teukka has said that he has pulled two games with the same blades, with which he started for the third. You could have played with them until the end of them, but a bump came in the middle of the game, Matilainen says.

Teuvo Teräväinen (left) and Matilainen have worked together for a long time.­

Some NHL clubs are very careful that only their guardians sharpen their players ’skate blades.

A Finnish ex-top defender was banned from sending blades to Finland for service because it made the club’s maintenance look bad and unreliable in the eyes of its surroundings.

– I’ve come across the pond to the back of the personalities who have played or even just put a message, and announced, we take care of the sharpening of the players here. Tell the player’s specs, Matilainen says.

– They have then ordered more blades and carried out maintenance there. But when I talked with the players, they are sharpening are not quite hit the finish. There are also cases where the guardian has changed the design without telling the player when he just felt like it.

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Matilainen thinks that not all guardians working with NHL stars will be able to accept suggestions from “such a single Finnish guardian” about better alternatives than before.

– You can’t talk to some at all. At least I personally know that I don’t know everything yet and I like to listen to what others have to say. It’s nice that some people also listen and share their own information. If there are lessons to be learned and useful, I will introduce it or do it my own way.

Through Matilainen’s hands, he skates for about ten ice hockey series outside Finland.­

Matila has a big responsibility as a magic three-letter combination as a skater sharpener for the top players in the NHL. At least the cause must not be found on the blades if the game does not go through.

– Players with a million pay cannot afford to pull any exchanges into the booklet. Every single blade leaves them and all my other customers through a tight sieve. However, I do not take the stress. If something starts to do, it’s better to do it all at once properly.

Superstars can also be tricky for customers.

– I don’t think all people from superstars can fit people who get along well and a little worse with other people. Fortunately, I’ve got to work with those who come along with me. The guys playing at the top are a smart gang.

– It’s a pretty big tribute to get a dune for the big stars. I got off to a junnuhuoltajasta, put up his own company, started to make RamonEdgen blade maintenance and progressed to a stage where the tea sharpening to more than one NHL player. Yes, it makes you quiet.

What about goalkeeperswith a general reputation as special personalities? Matilainen grins a little when the gate guards talk.

– It takes the same time as ten field players to take care of the blades of one goalkeeper. Club maintenance is very suitable for goalkeepers.

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