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Saving on a stunt? This is the test drive of the Audi A3 40 TFSI e-Cars in IS’s spring slag

The basic idea of ​​the Audi A3 charging hybrid is the same. Shells and model name, on the other hand, do not.

Audi’s A3 charging hybrid models were still known under the nickname E-tron in recent years, but today Audi’s all-electric cars can no longer be called E-trons.

So our test drive now has the successor to the Audi A3 E-tron without the E-tron alias, i.e. the Audi A3 40 TFSI e.

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The high-quality cab represents the familiar “technically luxurious” Audi-Premium. The best thing about the A3 in this respect, however, is the higher-quality and easier-to-use infotainment and control device implementation in general than the corresponding Golfs and Octaves.­

Sounds complicated? Well, yes or no, but the car’s power line is now practically the same as in a Skoda Octavia with similar technology, for example.

And that means a rumbling 1.4-liter petrol turbo under the damper with an electric motor integrated in the dual-clutch transmission and a slightly larger traction battery.

The fully digital instrument panel is one of the standard delicacies and offers, among other things, customizability and clear operating distance information that is essential for semi-electric motorists as well.­

In addition to its body shapes and brand, Audi, which is responsible for Octavia and Golf, seems to differ not only in its more handsome materials, but also gratifyingly in its easier-to-use digital functions – which are still combined with high-quality physical multifunction buttons.

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By the way, Audi’s A3 charging hybrids are always five-door hatchbacks, so in practice only equipment is available. For them, the basic price always includes, for example, sports seats, an adaptive cruise control and a fully digital instrument cluster.

During the test run, the test electricity charged from the wall of the house to the A3 easily reached fifty kilometers at a time, but in slightly more optimal conditions than the slag, the electric operating distance can easily rise to 60-70 kilometers.

The front seats are also a sports model as standard, but the rear seat instead represents a casual flat style. The average fits in the back seat just fine.­

At the lowest level, ie about 40 km, the electric kilometers were familiarly left in the most consuming conditions, ie on the motorway and accelerating briskly from the ramps.

With an empty driving battery, petrol burned an average of six liters per hundred during the test drive, which is about a liter more than the best “self-charging” or stubborn hybrids in the size class. This means that recharging should be done regularly, at least if you really want to get your consumption down.

The new Audi A3 is still a combination of conservatism and modernity. Of the worst competitors, the Mercedes-Benz A is also available as a charging hybrid, but the BMW 1 Series is not.­

Fortunately, the A3 40 TFSI e charges from scratch to full in about four hours with a proper home charger. Outside the home, you will still need a 3.6-kilowatt slightly more powerful internal charger to make better use of market chargers over time.

On the road, the Töpseli A3 is pleasantly quiet, especially when driving on electricity, as well as the expected daily routine, in addition to which the driveability is otherwise in a good model.

The charging cables are located in a sturdy bag that can be placed in the most suitable place and position for you.­

However, a small drawback related to the driveability is that with the extra weight of hundreds of kilos brought by the traction batteries and the electric power line, the nature of the A3 becomes less sporty and fun than the basic versions.

Audi’s new model markings tell about power class and technology.­

However, this should be taken more as a kind of character trait, as on the other hand, weight also makes spending worse.

All in all, the power-driven A3 can be said to be a successful product of its kind, once again, in which the familiar features have been honed into a more modern and overall high-quality package.

Ain and those towing car towing masses: after this “little Audi” you get a 1400 kg cart with brakes and 750 kg without brakes.

Audi A3 Sportback 40 TFSI e S tronic

  • Engine R4, 1395 cm³, 110 kW (150 hp) / 5000-6000, 250 Nm / 1550-3000 rpm and electric motor, total system power 150 kW (204 hp), 350 Nm

  • Performance 0–100 km / h 7.6 s, top speed 227 km / h

  • Ajoakku 12,8 kWh

  • Charger 3,6 kW

  • Consumption 1,0 l/100 km 95E10

  • CO2 emissions 24 g/km

  • Transmission A6, front wheel drive

  • Dimensions p 4343, l 1816, h 1450 mm, wheelbase 2630 mm, unladen weight 1635 kg, luggage compartment 280-1100 l, tank 40 l

  • Price EUR 39501


– Driveability in its class

– Modern but still functional interface


– The weight of the driving battery

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