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Satu Taiveaho surprised everyone: Withdrew from the municipal elections in complete silence – the truth was only revealed to the election manager now – Entertainment

Satu Taiveaho announced that she would run in the Hamina municipal elections a year ago.

Ex MP Satu Taiveahon around began a hustle and bustle when it turned out on Friday that she had moved to a different address with her husband. The lightning-loving couple only got married last summer.

Taiveaho moved in with her new loved one Ville Virtanen with Hamina and announced that he would leave the municipal elections as a candidate for the municipal elections. The party was in the hands of a mother-in-law when an unwelcome candidate announced about a month back that he would refrain from playing.

Taiveaho justified his departure with the needs of his children, but did not mention any possible change. Ilta-Sanomat reached Satu Taiveaho earlier on Friday, but she did not want to comment on her move.

– He informed me that children need him more than politics. I don’t know any more about that, says Hamina’s Social Democrat election chief Jarkko Harjumaa School.

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Taiveaho’s decision came to Harjumaaskola right from the bush. He announced that he would run in Hamina in February last year and the party was delighted about it.

– It’s annoying to spend a lot. It would have been nice if he had been a candidate in Hamina’s demars, Harjumaaaskola says.

Harjumaaskola heard through IS that Taiveaho is no longer Hamina. The address service confirms that Taiveaho’s current address is located in Kuusankoski, Kouvola. Taiveaho has also updated its new residence on social media.

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– This is completely new information for me. That explains why it’s been so quiet, he notes.

Satu Taiveaho told about the withdrawal from the municipal elections in February Kymen Sanomat.

Taiveaho and Virtanen were engaged in December 2019 and married last August. Taiveaho moved in with her fiancée in Hamina last summer. This is Taiveaho’s third marriage. He was previously married now serving as Secretary of Defense Antti Kaikkonen (center).

Although Taiveaho and Virtanen live at different addresses according to the address service, according to the district court, the couple has not applied for a divorce.

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