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Sarkozy does not accept his conviction for corruption and wants to take his case to the European Court of Human Rights


The former French president says he has been sentenced to three years in prison “without evidence”

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Thunder after 24 hours of silence. Former President of the Republic Nicolas Sarkozy, sentenced on Monday to three years in prison for corruption and influence peddling, roars in an interview in Le Figaro; “I can’t accept being convicted of something I haven’t done”.

“This is a case of unprecedented corruption: there is not a penny at stake; no one has gained any advantage, no victim, no public order problem. I am condemned with the pseudo intention of committing a crime that would be demonstrated by bits of telephone conversations taken out of context. The verdict does not provide evidence but a ‘bundle of evidence’. I affirm that in order to convict in the rule of law, proof is needed. And evidence in this case there is no “. Blunt and straight to the heart of the sentence that he was found guilty “on the basis of a series of serious, concrete and concordant indications.”

Sarkozy confirms that he has appealed the sentence and is willing to take “this fight” to the European Court of Human Rights: “It will be a suffering for me having to condemn my own country but I am willing since it will be the price of democracy ”

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The former head of the French state tells that he learned the sentence after the evening with his family, “watching the series The killing. Angry? No. It has long passed me “he says at the beginning of the interview with the conservative newspaper.

Sarkozy reserves his most accurate darts for the National Financial Prosecutor, created by his successor, the socialist Franois Hollande. “At least 4,500 more telephone conversations were overheard, some between a lawyer and his client, myself. In what democracy can the opposition leader, as I was then, be spied on like this, for seven months?” Later he concludes: “If we were in Putin’s Russia, the defenders of human rights would shout that it is very serious.” It is useful to know that Sarkozy has a close relationship with the Russian president and … business as an advisor to some Russian company.

The former conservative president of France (2007-2012) is grateful for the expressions of affection received from his supporters. He does not reveal whether the current president, Emmanuel Macron, with whom he has a cordial relationship, has called him but expressly thanks the current Interior Minister, Grald Darmanin, who was his spokesman.

Stuck in his sauce, politics, confirms that he is not there but pointing thumbs up, whom he supports. Accept the role of great voter, in sum.

“He had said that he would not be a candidate for the presidential election and I keep it.” But “I am still a member of my political family and I will not abandon it.” More clearly: “I said I had turned the page of active politics, which does not mean that I do not say what I think“.

-Could you support Emmanuel Macron in 2022 ?, the interviewers ask directly, echoing a hypothesis that circulates in Paris.

– (…) When each one has asserted their legitimate ambitions, I will say who I support and why I do it, in full transparency with my political family. ”

Go, that Sarkozy gives string to the kite. The former president confirms that he has received the Covid-19 vaccine despite not being 75 years old but maintains “he has a good reason for it.”

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