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Sanna Ukkola was surprised by the criticisms she received at Farmi Finland – “What the hell?” – TV & movies

Sanna Ukkola was surprised when she saw Farmi in Finland that one of the contestants only claimed that she was lazy at work on the farm.

The quartet starts in April Farmi Suomi The second production season of the program, in which celebrity participants compete in various positions on a farm in Pieksämäki. Participants are kept in darkness in the descriptions of the events in the surrounding society, and telephones or other modern gadgets are not allowed.

One of the participants in the program is a journalist who describes himself as a someaddict Sanna Ukkola. Among other things A-studion and Sannika & Ukkolan Ukkola, who became known as a presenter, always says that he liked rural life and remembers his childhood summers at the cottage with warmth. Instead, the farm work in the program was foreign to Ukkola.

The hardest part of the program for Ukkola was physical work and lack of privacy.

– Yes, I was horrified in advance by those woodwork and Nikkarointi, because I am not a woodworker.

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– The lack of privacy was the most difficult as the cameras were everywhere. I remember when I went to bed when I had a terrible migraine and the cameras were following me. It was not allowed to be alone for a moment. Sometimes I just went there in the woods to walk by myself. I’m not that extrovert, but I also need loneliness and my own time.

Ukkola has previously wondered why participants so often cry in reality TV shows. He no longer wonders about the matter, but says that he himself is sensitized in the descriptions – even though, in his own words, he is not a crying emotional person.

– There is complete darkness from the outside world. There is no connection whatsoever to one’s own loved ones or to anyone outside its small community. It has a lot of experience stronger mentally than I could think of. In the past, I wondered why people are so terribly involved. Now I understand it better.

Farmi Finland is the first reality TV program to see Sanna Ukkola. He says he excited about the filming in advance.­

Ukkola considered participating in the program for a long time.

– I finally came to the conclusion that I would be crazy if I didn’t go along like that when asked. If I hadn’t left, it would have meant I was afraid of something. My philosophy of life is not to do things out of fear.

In the beginning, Ukkola was also excited about what it’s like to be without a phone, as he is constantly “online”. In the end, it went easier than he had imagined.

– The farm had work from morning to night, and I didn’t really have time to miss the phone. Yes, I would have liked to follow the news, and the coronation situation in the outside world made me think. I tried to ask the people at the production company what was going on there now. After all, they didn’t say anything.

Ukkola laughs that when he finally got out of the filming, nothing miraculous had happened in the outside world. He feels that was a good lesson for himself.

The physicality of the program surprised Ukkola, as the work was done from early morning to late evening.

– In the morning we woke up at 5-6 to milk the cows and in the evening we went to bed at 23. There wasn’t really time to do anything but work, and there were no rest days. It was rough.

Farmi Finland participants (top left) Pasto Pike, Pia Nykänen, Sauli Koskinen, Uniikki, Sanna Ukkola, Mikael Jungner and (bottom left) Noora Toivo, Timo Lavikainen, Janne Ahonen, Minttu Kaulanen, Tuuli and Anni Harjunpää.­

That is why Ukkola was surprised to see Farmi Finland’s first episode in advance, in which rap artist Pastori Pike tells the camera that he was not satisfied after Ukkola’s work.

– One person said of me that I do a little work and be lazy. I was just wondering what a wonder that I have never in my life done as much work as I did there.

– Of course, I couldn’t do in the same way physically or as intensely as top athletes, for example. Compared to my own level, I did quite a lot of work.

Ukkola says that he is also surprised at how skillfully people performed the tasks assigned to them.

– Everyone did a lot of work, and there were no lazy people there.

After the descriptions of the farm, Ukkola says that he has considered moving closer to nature. Ukkola currently lives with his wife in the heart of Helsinki.

– After the farm, we have talked to my husband quite a lot about whether we should move within Helsinki to something where nature would be closer.

Farmi Finland starts at Nelonen on 4.4.

Nelonen and Ilta-Sanomat both belong to the same Sanoma Group.

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