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Sakari Salminen returned to the ice after a one-year break – no salary in the Ace for the rest of the season – SM League

Sakari Salminen’s passion for hockey was missing in the autumn.

That’s it linger about a year after Sakari Salminen played his previous hockey match.

On Wednesday, he was in the Pori Aces when the team faced HPK. Prior to that, Salminen was in action at Örebro, Sweden, on March 12, 2020.

How did the gaming feel after a break of about a year?

– It felt pretty good. Of course, playing is a different matter than training. Sometimes I was quite embarrassed with my heart rate, but it was okay, Salminen replied.

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Before Wednesday, the Aces had lost five games in a row. The statistics now recorded an extension time loss to HPK of 3–4. However, the aces got more goals this time for their opponent.

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Salminen played a very prominent role in the offensive head, although he did not score. He already shared a couple of quality places with his chainmates in the opening round Ty Rattielle, but this one of them did not succeed.

– As a chain, I think we got a dozen goals. Yes, they should already be turned into results, but the puck will surely go to the finish line soon if we can play in the same way.

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Salmisen the evening talk also held a slightly more special moment. A racket fell from him in the opening round, and the puck ended up on the man’s feet with a line of attack. In the end, Salminen kicked the puck directly to HPK’s player, who was able to shoot from the quality spot without a result.

– I didn’t see a single disc behind the visor when there was a blind spot. I must have been instructed, but I did not hear them either. After seeing the puck, I then kicked it directly at the opponent, but luckily the goalkeeper Linus Söderström saved me.

For Pori, a long break in play was partly a matter of his own choice and not just a compulsion.

Naturally, under normal circumstances, Salminen would certainly have found a venue and a suitable offer, but now the situation was exceptional in the autumn due to the corona. The seats were on the card.

Salmis had on the table a few offers for foreign and domestic fields as well, but there was simply no suitable entity.

– In the autumn, I was not very enthusiastic about making an agreement on anything, although there were a few opportunities. I wanted to take a short break from hockey when the life of a hockey player is in many ways quite a squirrel wheel and repeating the same things, Salminen revealed.

– The break did me good and the enthusiasm for playing grew. I enjoyed that hockey didn’t dictate all the rules. After Christmas, I then started looking at more serious venues for the rest of the season.

Part of the reason for the lack of enthusiasm was that Salminen’s contract with Örebro ended earlier than planned. He originally still had a contract for this season with Sweden, but the club wanted to terminate the contract in the summer.

Aces pay for the remainder of the season, only insurance and equipment from Salminen. He will not receive his actual salary for the rest of the season. However, the agreement with the Aces is also valid for next season.

– Fortunately, things got sorted out in my hometown. I wouldn’t have gone anywhere else with a deal like this, but with the Aces, it was possible to do so. Now, the enthusiasm for gaming is once again very much and I enjoyed the training and now playing, Salminen said.

32 years old In addition to the Aces, Salminen has played in domestic league pitches in KalPan and HIFK shirts. In addition, he has represented the Jokers at KHL and Dynamo Moscow, among others.

In the national team, Salminen’s highlight has been the 2014 Sochi Olympics, when the Lions won bronze. In addition, Salminen played at the 2013 World Championships in Leijon.

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