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Sabuni before the fate vote: It’s about relating to reality

– It has been a long process and many interesting conversations, but now we have a proposal on how to secure a bourgeois government, says party leader Nyamko Sabuni in SVT’s Morgonstudion.

When asked how dependent on the Sweden Democrats Sabuni is prepared to become, she answers:

– I do not think anyone can say exactly what a government will look like or how dependent it will be on others in the Riksdag. But we are going to the polls as an independent liberal party. And we believe that our policy is best implemented within the framework of civic cooperation.

“Sees issues where SD has the same opinion”

Nyamko Sabuni also says that it is about relating to reality.

– And it is possible to get through a bourgeois government only if you are prepared to talk to all parties in the day of risk.

What should any negotiations with SD look like?

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– I prefer not to have to negotiate with SD. If it were possible, I would like a bourgeois government with its own majority.

– But I see a number of issues that are important for the bourgeoisie but where the Sweden Democrats have about the same opinion. For example, energy policy and the view of nuclear power, the school that must be nationalized in order to achieve equality and the integration policy that the bourgeoisie must now take seriously. We will not have any vulnerable areas after 2030. If you want to solve major societal problems, there is a lot you can do together.

The differences then?

– I am looking for support to form a bourgeois government then I can not sit and think about what I do not have in common with other parties.

“Selling out the soul of the party”

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The vote in the party board was even and Sabuni’s line took a narrow victory with 13 votes to 10. And since the result became known, the debate has been hot.

A recent opinion poll from DN shows, for example, that just over half of the Liberals’ voters are negative about supporting a government that is dependent on the Sweden Democrats. Only a quarter are positive.

Several big names within the party have also spoken out critically. Among others, former party leaders such as Bengt Westerberg and Maria Leissner, who accused the party of selling out its soul.

– I think it’s a bit cheeky to say that we are selling out our soul. To be a democrat and willing to talk to all parties in the Riksdag is not to sell out one’s soul, says Nyamko Sabuni.

– It is in the Social Democrats’ interest to be intimidated by the Sweden Democrats. It is in my interest to seek a mandate to govern with bourgeois parties.

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