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Russian opponent Alexei Navalny could be sent to solitary confinement

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                The state of health of Alexeï Navalny worries his relatives.  The Russian opponent, sentenced in early February to two years and eight months in prison, was sent at the end of last month to the IK-2 penal colony, some 100 kilometers east of Moscow.  The prison administration accuses him of several minor offenses, which could lead him to a disciplinary cell.

                                    <p><strong>Alexei Navalny</strong> claims to have received six reprimands in two weeks.  However, it only takes two to be sent to solitary confinement.  Since his imprisonment, Alexeï Navalny has published or caused to be published several messages on his Instagram account.  His lawyers refuse to say how they get out of the penal colony, where detainees do not have internet access.

For getting up ten minutes too early, having laughed with a guard or refused to participate in morning physical exercises, Alexeï Navalny was the subject of “disciplinary reports”. ” I await the reprimand with the wording: “wore a broad smile, while the program foresaw that it was necessary to suffer” »He quips.

Last week his relatives said he suffered from severe pain back and leg and request that he be able to receive a visit from a civilian doctor. Alexei Navalny also complains of torture by deprivation of sleep.

So much news that worries those around him, who also denounce new pressures. Ivan Zhdanov, the director of his anti-corruption fund, announces the arrest of his own 66-year-old father and former member of a village social commission. He is accused of having given his approval to the allocation of housing to a person who was not entitled to it, as was subsequently discovered. The official who signed this decision was not worried.

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