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Russian Ambassador called Britain’s plans to build up its nuclear potential alarming

Russian Ambassador to Great Britain Andrei Kelin on the air of RT UK commented on London’s plans to increase its nuclear potential.

  • © RIA Novosti / Maria Tabak

“What shocked me the most was the idea of ​​increasing [британского] nuclear arsenal by 40%. It turned out to be completely unexpected for specialists, politicians and experts around the world, even in the United States, since the build-up of the nuclear arsenal contradicts the whole concept of arms control, ”the diplomat said.

According to him, this is completely contrary to the 1968 Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, which is the basis of the entire concept of arms control.

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“Article VI and the preamble clearly state that states must strive to reduce their nuclear stockpiles and eliminate their arsenals altogether. This is the general trend. Instead, the British government wants to build up these reserves, as well as the armed forces. [в целом]», – noted Kelin.

The ambassador called this trend alarming.

“This is a completely new and, I would say, of course, alarming trend. She is more confrontational and aggressive in my opinion. We are accused of aggressive behavior, but in fact, in the light of the observed trend, we see that, for example, in this situation, the British government is becoming much more aggressive than others, ”he concluded.

Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry assessed Britain’s plans to increase its nuclear potential.

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On March 16, the British authorities published an updated defense and foreign policy strategy, which, among other things, involves an increase in the nuclear arsenal, support for the countries of Eastern Europe, including Ukraine, in their confrontation with “Russian threats”, as well as an expansion of their overseas presence.

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