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Roope Salminen’s revelation of alcoholism sparked a great deal of criticism – now tells on Instagram why he wanted to talk about his illness – Entertainment

  • Drinking can completely control life, even if someone does not live on the street or take a break in the middle of the day on Hämeentie, Salminen reminds.

Presenter-actor Roope Salminen, 31, said in a statement released today Three turning pointsin his podcast that he is an alcoholic.

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Salminen is now going through the feedback he received with the revelation on Instagram. He also rejoices at the milestone on Saturday: 600 days to survive.

– The most common feedback that I have received during the morning, is that why I claim the alcoholic, when clearly I have held life and I’ve been able to do the work and I’m healthy looking, and so on, Salminen write.

According to Salminen, this is precisely the reason why he originally wanted to talk about it. He points out that alcoholics don’t always look the same.

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– In fact, alcoholics are masters at covering up their problems and drinking can completely control life, even if someone does not live on the street or take a break in the middle of the day on Hämeentie.

According to Salminen, talking about his own illness in public was not easy, but he hopes to be able to help others with his own story.

– If my story can help any guy whose loved one is wrestling with the same stuff or who is having the same fight himself, then it has easily been worth it, Salminen says.

Many public figures have commented on Instagram in an encouraging tone. Among other things Alma Hätönen, Janni Hussi, Pippa Laukka, Jon-Jon Geitel and Jannika B have caught Salmi recovering from their alcoholism.

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– Important Topic! And good luck with the six months! Hussi writes.

– I appreciate it very much, Jannika B commented.

Duodecim Health Library defines alcoholism as:

“A chronic disease in which the mind and body become dependent on alcohol. Alcohol dependence (alcoholism) is characterized by the constant, frequent or compulsive use of alcohol, regardless of the social or health consequences of its use. ”

According to the Health Library, alcoholism, with all its consequences, is a key public health problem. About 10-15% of men suffer from alcohol dependence at some point in their lives. Although alcohol dependence is more common among men than women, alcohol dependence suffered by women has clearly become more common in recent years.

Compulsive, persistent, addictive (or addictive) or binge drinking is a serious medical condition. Hereditary factors play an important role, especially in alcoholism beginning in adolescence.

Salminen doesn’t think other people know how dominant alcohol was in his life for years. If he didn’t drink, he was in a hangover. At times, he decided to take a break from drinking, once for up to a year. At times he decided not to drink clear, but instead drank 28 beers and the end result was the same. He never thought he would stop drinking altogether.

– I can’t say the exact amounts of how much I drank, but I always drank so much that it went out and the film went off. There are many moments in my life that I don’t remember anything about. It really shames me a lot, Salminen told IS.

Roope Salminen decided to put the cap on in August 2019. He has stuck to his decision.­

Eventually, the drinking stopped when Salminen realized that this could not continue. In the podcast, he describes a series of events that led to the decision to quit. It was August 3, 2019 and Salminen had talked about the things on his mind in therapy. He had a stress-free and loved feeling. After the therapy, he saw his friends on the terrace where he drank 6-7 beers, after which he went home.

The next day was a morning flight to the band’s gig. He was alone at home and feeling good. There was no reason to drink, but he still wanted to drink. So he asked his friend for “one more.” The friends sat at the bar until the comma, until they switched to another bar, where the comma came later. After that, the guys went to Salminen’s apartment, where they drank clear liquor until Salminen should have left for the airport.

When he woke up in the morning, the flight had departed long ago. The phone was full of missed calls and worried messages from bandmates.

– That’s when I realized that there are no more excuses. Drinking is no longer remedied at all. It felt good and there was no reason to drink and still just drink. The most important step was that I can’t blame anyone outsiders, Salminen says in the podcast.

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