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Roope Salminen podcast: “I am an alcoholic” – the August events of the day in 2019 gave life a new direction – Entertainment

For the first time, presenter Roope Salminen talks about his alcoholism in his new podcast. – I always drank so much that I went out and the film went down, Salminen says.

“I am Roope Salminen and I’m an alcoholic”. These words are the presenter-actor Roope Salminen, 31, pronounces in his new pilot Three turning points -podcastissa.

“It took me a really long time to grant it. I knew it for a couple of years before I stopped drinking. I thought until the end that I would get it. ” Salminen says in the podcast.

This is the first time that Salminen has spoken about it in public. He admits to IS that talking about the subject was difficult. It can also be heard on the podcast as Salminen takes long breaks, sighs deeply and wonders how to lay out his words. The sensitivity of the subject can also be felt over the phone, as Salminen weighs his words carefully. However, he saw no choice but to tell about his problem. In his podcast, Salminen interviews public figures who tell of three turning points in their lives. He felt it was fair to also tell the turning points of his own life.

  • The video above is an excerpt from Roope Salminen’s new Three Turns Podcast.

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Sobering on August 4, 2019 is one of the turning points in Salminen’s life. The second turning point was Salminen’s choice of how he changed his personality from one extreme to another in the summer between primary and secondary school. The third is that he was convicted last September in the Helsinki District Court of being forced into a sexual act.

Salminen says directly that he loved drinking. He enjoyed what he became like a drunk at some point: funny and charming. Everything seemed possible and he felt like he was the coolest type in the world. He always drank so much until he went out.

Salminen drank alcohol for the first time in middle school. He drank at the house party until he went out to the cat litter box. It was hilarious to everyone, including himself. The love for alcohol ignited immediately.

He doesn’t think other people know how dominant alcohol was in his life for years. If he didn’t drink, he was in a hangover. At times, he decided to take a break from drinking, once for up to a year. At times he decided not to drink clear, but instead drank 28 beers and the end result was the same. He never thought he would stop drinking altogether.

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– I can’t say the exact amounts of how much I drank, but I always drank so much that it went out and the film went off. There are many moments in my life that I don’t remember anything about. It really shames me a lot, Salminen tells IS.

-I am raitistuttuani received a call or put a message time for many people and to apologize for my behavior. It has been an important part of this process, Roope Salminen says.­

Roope Salminen & Dogs band’s most famous song Madafakin darra handles drinking and hanging. That, too, is based on Salminen’s own behavior. He tells in a podcast how he was leaving with his band and music experts for his first song camp. He had known about the camp for several weeks. Departure would be on Monday. Nevertheless, Salminen drank into the tube from Tuesday to Sunday last week. Drunk and hangover, the phone and wallet disappeared. When Salminen was picked up on the trip as a hangover, the matter was acknowledged as a good flap.

He also drank at every band gig and after as well as improvisation gigs. He never did TV shows drunk, but often suffered from a severe hangover.

“There are quite a few of those times when I’ve pulled a mynthon and brushed my teeth six times in the morning. And thought about leveling up, but I couldn’t because of the live broadcast. ”

At the same time, Salminen began to succeed in his career and it began to rise into a hat.

– I thought I was a really tough guy. I was arrogant and disgusting. It was pointless for anyone to munch on it, that you drink too much, Salminen says.

Eventually the drinking stopped when Salminen realized that this could no longer continue. In the podcast, he describes a series of events that led to the decision to quit. It was August 3, 2019 and Salminen had talked about the things on his mind in therapy. He had a stress-free and loved feeling. After the therapy, he saw his friends on the terrace where he drank 6-7 beers, after which he went home.

The next day was a morning flight to the band’s gig. He was alone at home and feeling good. There was no reason to drink, but he still wanted to drink. So he asked his friend for “one more.” The friends sat at the bar until the comma, until they switched to another bar, where the comma came later. After that, the guys went to Salminen’s apartment, where they drank clear liquor until Salminen should have left for the airport.

When he woke up in the morning, the flight had departed long ago. The phone was full of missed calls and worried messages from bandmates.

“That’s when I realized there were no more excuses. Drinking is no longer remedied at all. It felt good and there was no reason to drink and still just drink. The most important step was that I can’t blame anyone outside. ”

In the past, Salminen had always seen a reason to drink somewhere else: there was a wrong relationship, then there was a sore difference, then again some other reason to drink. He always thought that when you take care of these other things, then he will stop drinking. When all the other things were okay and the drinking didn’t stop, he woke up.

Salminen downloaded an app to his phone that counted down the days he had been without a drink. At first, he looked at the phone daily. Now he remembers to open the app every now and then and see how many clear days have accumulated.

– I knew I had to quit or I’d die. I asked myself if I wanted to live. I realized life was clean and worth living, Salminen says.

– I knew I wouldn’t be in my seventies if I drank so much all the time. My life was in danger of going over. I hadn’t enjoyed my life in a long time. There were big parts in my life that I didn’t remember at all. Even those great moments were colored by the fact that I was either hangover or wanted to be drunk.

The hangover days were gloomy. Then Salmi was ashamed, anxious, and he covered up his problems by lying to himself about how much he had drunk.­

Close ones tried to interfere with Salminen’s drinking, but with poor results.

– No one can stop drinking on behalf of another. The best thing an alcoholic can do as a loved one is to express their concern and to be supportive if one is willing to accept help. It is also important for a loved one to know their own boundaries.

Salminen has also had to experience what it is like to be close to an addict. Salminen has been silent in public about his intermittent intervals with his actress-mother Minna Turusen with. Turku has not been seen in theaters or cinemas for years, but Seiska, for example, has told him about drug problems.

Has Salminen felt the bitterness that there has not been a great enough reason for his mother to sober up?

– I’ve spent a lot of time in my life that I’m trying to save the people close to you that can not be saved. Now I’ve made peace with that. I am not bitter to anyone. I have a lot of understanding for anyone with any substance abuse problem and that is primarily their own tragedy.

Salminen says directly in the podcast that he also does not believe that he himself was finally sobered up just for his own child. A few weeks after Salminen had decided to stop drinking, he heard that he would become a father. Salminen and actor Helmi-Leena Nummelan the child was born in April 2020. Salminen is grateful that he did not know he would become a father when he decided to stop drinking.

That would be when he would have stopped drinking for someone other than himself.

“If I hadn’t stopped drinking when I stopped, I would never have had the opportunity to quit again because of myself. I would have been able to put paternity before liquor, but it would have been a break. So what would have happened when the child was 12 and even at a guy’s night and I could have had a drink? Or when he moves away from home? ”

Salminen has decided not to drink for the rest of his life. He realizes he can settle for a drink, but deeply hopes it won’t happen.

When Salminen then stopped drinking, his mind brightened. It didn’t happen in an instant. At first he was very sad that he was not allowed to drink.

– It took about three months until I started to feel normal. When that happened, I realized how bad I had been feeling for many years.

– When my brain started to get rid of the waste products, I was really amazing. I suddenly realized that life can be such that in the morning I wake up excited and happy with a new day.

– I had not experienced such a state of being for many years.

One of the biggest reasons why Salminen wanted to tell about his alcoholism is that he hopes to be able to help those struggling in the same situation with his story.

– We need more examples of alcoholism, where a person has not yet had time to lose everything and has fallen into a ditch. Alcoholism can be much more mundane, but it can still be really dominant.

Highlights in italics from the Three Turning Points podcast.

The Three Turning Points podcast is March 26th. starting from the most common podcast applications such as e.g. Spotify, iTunes and Google podcasts.

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