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Roope Salminen opens up in a rare way about her mother Minna Turunen – reveals in a podcast how much anxiety this behavior caused – Entertainment

In her new podcast, Roope Salminen talks about awkward intervals to her mother, actress Minna Turuse.

Roope Salminen started a new podcast last week Three turning points. In it, Salminen’s guests share turning points that have changed the direction of their own lives, and at the same time Salminen talks about his own life.

podcast in the first section With Salminen, the presenter and someperson are talking about the turning points in life Veronica Verho. The curtain tells Salminen that the first great turning point in his life occurred when his parents divorced.

The curtain was in primary school at the time and took the difference very heavily. He blamed himself for it and addressed the issue in therapy. After the separation of the parents, the distance between the veil and his father cooled. It took years before they got their relationship in order.

Salminen tells Verho that he also has challenging distances to his other parent.

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– I have a situation with my own biological mother that we are not the simplest between us, Salminen says.

For years, Salminen has had little to do with his mother, an actor Minna Turusen with. Salminen says in his podcast that he has been greatly troubled by the way his mother has put it. According to him, Turunen has suggested that Salminen would have abandoned his mother.

– Either he himself believes in it or he just says it outwards, Salminen says.

– I’ve been in therapy, and discussed the issue. I think that if a parent drives the relationship between a parent and a child to such a state that it breaks, then yes, that parent has a responsibility.

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According to Salminen, it is difficult to understand how a parent can stop keeping in touch with their child. She has said in previous interviews that she has not received answers to her messages from her mother.

– As a father, it is difficult for me to imagine a situation where my child would do something that I would not keep in touch with him and would realize later that the child you rejected me. It just feels like a real, really distant idea, Salminen says in his podcast.

Salminen has rarely talked about his mother in public. In 2016, he said Radio Suomipopin in an interview that he had not seen his mother for six years. He had occasionally kept in touch with his mother by email, but he had no longer received a reply to his last message.

Roope Salminen grew up with his father Eppu Salminen and his ex-spouse Riitta Havukainen. Pictured are father and son in 2008.­

Salminen’s band Roope Salminen & Koirat released in 2016 You got a mutsi a song in which the singer vented her feelings for her mother. He had told his mother about the release of the song in advance.

– I think Minna will hear this song. We have not been in touch. I have expressed to him my best to semmoisia routes that I know that this song is coming. I have not received any response. Let’s see what happens, Salminen said in 2016.

Salminen didn’t even know at the time where his mother was or how this could.

– I wish nothing but good for Minna. I hope he is all well. I tell him a lot of things in the song and I hope he listens to it with thought.

Among other things Stop has reported on Minna Turunen’s substance abuse and payment problems several times over the years. Salminen told IS five years ago that he understood in his twenties that no one could be forced to help.

– No one can be saved if they don’t want to. It just sinks into that same gloom. Backed by may of course be to offer their assistance, and can say that I’m here when you need. At some point, that person will also have to do something about it themselves.

In an interview with Radio Suomipop, Salminen said that he felt that his father was an ex-spouse Riitta Havukainen was an elder to him who was present and pasted him in life. He also thanked his father Eppu Salmi for how good a father this was.

In his podcast, Salminen also talked about his alcohol problem. He said he stopped drinking less than 600 days ago after realizing he could no longer control it.

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