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“Rone & Friends”, the collaborative containment album of a jack-of-all-trades artist

He is alone in front of his machines, on a metal tower facing the lit stage. Behind him, the solemnity of an empty room. Erwan Castex, known as Rone, has built a special relationship with the Théâtre du Châtelet, which hosted its latest creation in March 2020, Room With A View, mown in midair by confinement. “I’m not at all jaded, every time I find the Châtelet stage it does a little something to me, it’s magnificent“, he specifies.

When confinement was decreed, the producer and musician first accused the blow, before pulling himself together.

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but about learning to dance in the rain.”

Seneca quoted by Erwan Castex, Rone

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So he plunged back into creation, sending musical tracks to a dozen artists, from Jehnny Beth to Dominique A, via Georgia and Camelia Jordana, who are found on this Rone & Friends. “I think it was a way of fighting against this imposed isolation, he analyzes. I love solitude, sometimes I look for it to compose, but this is not at all what I wanted!

“It’s an album that I think helped us get through this rather gloomy period better.”

Erwan Castex, Rone

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All came to sing at the téâtre du Châtelet with him a few days ago for a concert captured by Arte Concert and visible on April 13. There was in particular Yael Naim, happy to find a scene: “This is what I like to do, to put myself in a state of connection. Coercion brings a kind of survival instinct, and right now we all have to recreate ourselves.

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And since happiness never comes alone, Rone is also starting a new chapter, after having obtained, on March 12, a Caesar for his soundtrack of the film. Night Coming, opening to him “a new doorSo even if he is itching for the stage, we can talk about perfect timing.

Rone multiplies in the face of confinement | Yann Bertrand’s report


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Rone, Rone & Friends (InFiné Music). Album disponible.

Rone & Friends au Châtelet (Milgram, RFI Labo, Arte Concert), visible on Arte Concert on April 13 at 9 p.m.

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