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Roads can now become deceptively slippery – promising icy rains – Domestic

The weather can be deceptively slippery the night before Friday and Friday morning in the southern and central parts of the country.

Foreca urges to be prepared for any slippage and to be vigilant in Friday morning traffic and pedestrian paths throughout the south and center of the country.

On the night before Friday, icy rains will be poured in, which can form a thin ice icing on the roads. This weakens driving conditions early on Friday mornings, especially in Central Finland, Pirkanmaa and Häme.

– In the southern and central part of the country, a rainy area spreads overnight, where there is generally icy rain, but also rain and snow in the northern part of the rainy area. On the west coast south of Vaasa, the rains start as early as Thursday night as water. During the night, the rains begin to turn into icy rains as the rainfall area moves east, the meteorologist Joanna Rinne says On Fora’s website.

Despite the rain of the coming night, Friday is said to be sunny and rainy in much of the country, and temperatures briskly plus.

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– The daytime temperature is 5–9 degrees in the southern and central part of the country, and 1–5 degrees in Lapland. Locally, temperatures can rise as high as 10 degrees, Rinne predicts on Foreca’s website.

According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the highest temperature so far this year was measured on Tuesday in Jomala, Åland, where the meter reads 14.6 degrees at the time.

– The last time so early in the calendar year has been exceeded by 14.0 degrees in 2012, when 22.3. the temperature rose in Jomala to as much as 15.8 degrees, the Finnish Meteorological Institute tweeted on Tuesday.

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