Thursday, April 1, 2021
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Risk of further delays in vaccinations

Just under 31,000 of approximately 245,000 western northerners have received their first dose of the corona vaccine. Although most people under the age of 18 should not be vaccinated, this means that the region has quite a few left to vaccinate.

Karin Sellgren, vaccine coordinator, still thinks it is positive that they have now received the green light for Astra Zeneca’s vaccine.

One million doses are delayed

After our interview came the news that one million doses from Jansen and Curevac have been postponed, we emailed her with the question of what the consequences will be and she replied:

“It mainly affects the volumes that were in the forecasts for May / June and we have considered them to be preliminary,” she writes in an email response.

“A bit into the summer”

However, it is not completely carefree.

“If we do not receive additional vaccines from any / any other vaccine suppliers, the vaccinations in Phase 4 will be postponed a bit this summer.” , she continues in the email.

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In the clip, Karin Sellgren talks about the vaccine forecast for the near future.

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