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Riku left his work car in the park for an hour – first it was broken by a truck and then a van crashed into the bow – Kotimaa

Riku Ylösmäki’s working day started a little stagnant last Friday.

Last Friday Riku Ylösmäki parked his work car in front of the grocery store’s loading dock, as he often does.

Ylösmäki transports food items to home customers. He had just gotten into the store to pick up his cargo when work was suspended.

– “Stop everything you are doing right away and come to the yard. There was an accident, ”one truck driver told me, Ylösmäki describes.

Outside, Ylösmäki was waiting for a car under a hoisting platform.

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– The truck had reversed directly towards the car and pushed it under the dock.

Work car had been in a “dead corner,” according to Ylösmäki, and the truck driver had therefore not noticed it.

A van was also parked in front of the car for a while, after which the driver of the truck thought the loading dock was free. The consequences were devastating.

– I wasn’t angry at all, but I laughed that there was damage. We got things well agreed. The driver immediately started calling through his insurance companies. I, too, called my boss, who came to the scene to check for damage. He, too, told the driver that injuries would occur.

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After the investigation, Ylösmäki left his work car waiting for the towing car and went with his boss to pick up another work car.

Riku Ylösmäki’s work car crashed under the loading dock.­

When Ylösmäki arrived back at the store, he was suspended again. The guys told the news: the work car had been knocked out again. This time it was a van.

– I couldn’t help but laugh. Less than an hour had passed and the same car had already been knocked twice.

More serious damage to the car occurred already at the first fisting. The van just hit the bow.

With humor Ylösmäki, who approached the whole tangle, decided to dig a warning triangle out of the trailer of his battered work car and place it on the roof of the car.

The bow of the car rushed.­

– I thought that if now the car wasn’t fisted for the third time.

Food shipments have been handled by another car since the crash day. It has remained intact.

– The lesson of the story is that everyone has more or less accidents. Raging and barking do not save situations. Humor made it through this as well. There are insurances for such accidents, Ylösmäki says.

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