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Riitta-Liisa Roponen received messages from acquaintances and strangers – dream skiing took a 42-year-old veteran to sleep – Cross-country skiing

Jasmi Joensuu, Johanna Matintalo, Riitta-Liisa Roponen and Krista Pärmäkoski ski in the Finnish women’s message team.

Finnish women the team for Thursday’s World Cup message is clear. On the team, the traditional sections are skied by the first-timers of the value race Jasmi Joensuu and Johanna Matintalo. In the free three-part attack Riitta-Liisa Roponen and seen as an anchor Krista Pärmäkoski.

On Tuesday, the performance of the Finns at the women’s and on Wednesday’s men’s performances was mostly sluggish, but one excellent surprise fit in. 42-year-old Roponen’s 10th place in the most important place of the season was a button performance, from which the value competition has been able to take all the joy out of it.

– Physically, I recovered, but mentally goes certainly in recovery for some time, Roponen said Wednesday night the quartet message at a press conference.

Roponen, who celebrated his first medal in Oberstdorf in 2005, reveals that a good night’s sleep was missed on the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, when the magnificent performance ran out.

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– I’ve been getting a lot of messages from friends and strangers. Father and mother have been called. It has been a good feeling, the night went by when I was spinning and waking up and meditating, Roponen repeated.

Finnish women’s message team for Thursday’s race, from left: Krista Pärmäkoski, Johanna Matintalo, Jasmi Joensuu and Riitta-Liisa Roponen.­

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Team senior in the prize cabinet, you will find five message medals along the long career, two of which are gold. Nevertheless, Roponen states that the World Cup message is still exciting.

– Definitely exciting, but hopefully there will be a dream at some point at some point. It’s a tough place to face the toughest women in the world.

The tunes for the third-leg messenger are straightforward for a five-kilometer contract.

– The track is very clear, let’s go up, down, up and down. A sensible start has to be made, and go hard, Roponen laughed.

The women’s message starts on Thursday at 14.10.

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