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Riga wanted to support Glen Kamara by buying a shirt that had become a hit, but was disappointed – this is what the Football Association justifies – Owls

The Football Association wanted to give players peace of mind in the World Cup qualifiers.

I Stand With Glen. The players of the Finnish national football team showed their support for the victim of a racist insult Glen Kamaralle t-shirts that read that message.

The Rangers midfielder had to Ondrej Kudelan insulted in the European League match against Slavia Prague.

The chamber received huge support from its own ranks as well as internationally. Finnish teammates showed their support with t-shirts.

The shirts attracted public attention, and many asked on social media after the shirts.

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For example, an owl fan who had been in contact with the Football Association by e-mail Riga however, heard from the federation that I Stand With Glen shirts are not for sale.

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Ilta-Sanomat was reached by the Marketing Director of the Finnish Football Association Mikko Variksen. He said the shirts are at least not on sale yet, but a possible campaign in the future is being considered.

– This shirt was the players’ own show of support, which of course we agree with 100%. We didn’t want to make this a commercial thing, at least not at this point. Sure, we understand that the commercial side, for example, to justify the fact that the proceeds were donated to anti-racism work, but at least not with this schedule shirt sales has not yet been possible, Varis says.

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Crow according to the work against racism is important for the Football Association, and in the future some kind of campaign is possible. The chamber could be the front of the campaign if it suits him.

– The insult happened last Thursday, after that Glen played the game on Sunday and then came with us. The time window is small. We didn’t want to bother the player with this. As you can see, he has quite a lot more to do. It may be, however, that this will spawn a bigger pattern in the future.

A recent episode of the Ball Club discussed the situation of the national team. You can listen to the episode from the player below.

– Now the most important thing is to let the team focus on the qualifiers and we do not want to disturb the concentration. The national team is assembled for the first time since November, and the program of the gathering is very tight as well as full of activities.

Wouldn’t this have been the time to act quickly when Kamara’s case is acute?

– We did not want to build an additional program for the national team. When the start is over, the matter will return to that angle as well. We did not want to launch the campaign and the commercial side too hastily.

Varis praises how well the Finnish football community has supported Kamara. Kamara played on Wednesday when Finland battled a 2-2 draw against Bosnia.

Most likely, the Ostrich star player will also be opening against Ukraine on Sunday.

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