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Review ready: Major shortcomings in Panncentralen’s contribution report

After SVT’s review of the Folkets hus association at Panncentralen, Karlskrona municipality decided to hire an external audit agency to map all payments made since the association’s start in 2016.

The review report, which is now complete, shows that more than SEK 1.6 million has been paid to the association between 2017-2020 – of which 1.1 million has been financed directly by Karlskrona municipality.

Missing feedback

The auditors point out above all shortcomings in the follow-up of contributions paid to the association. Of the 27 payments examined, there is only feedback in 15 of the cases – yet the municipality has continued to pay out new money.

According to the audit report, there are also shortcomings in the coordination of grants, as, for example, several administrations have granted grants to Panncentralen, without the other administrations in the municipality knowing about it.

They also state that no in-depth check of the information has been made in the feedback from the Boiler Center.

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