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return to the history of the famous traction


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France 2

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R. Ascensio, J. Boulesteix, P. Crapoulet, J.Pires

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France 2

France Televisions

Citroën’s first front-wheel drive appeared just 87 years ago. It quickly became the favorite sedan of the French and the gangsters. The 13 Hours of France 2 tells its story on Friday March 26.

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The 13 Hours of France 2 tells, on Friday March 26, the story of Citroën’s first front-wheel drive, which appeared 87 years ago. In a simple garage belonging to Dominique Bellière, hide three front pull-ups. “It’s an atmosphere, it’s an atmosphere, it’s a noise“, confides this collector of front-wheel drive. The vehicle was revolutionary. Its engineer decided to put the engine in the front while it was until then at the rear, but also to produce this car on the assembly line in within 12 months – record time for a reasonable budget.

Citroën, king of communication, is also having a famous video made to show its resistance compared to its competitors. During the war, it is one of the cars of the German occupation but also of the resistance. In the post-war period, it became the car of the presidents and of General De Gaulle. The gangsters also kept the traction legend alive. In 1957, production ended and was eclipsed by the new models.

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