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Respondents’ state of mind survey on hammers on the railway track completed – Prosecutor: “Both are very clearly guilty” – Tampere region

Life expectancy for young men. The Pirkanmaa District Court will give its final decision soon.

The Pirkanmaa District Court today gives its decision on the assassination in Tampere on Vasaratati in January last year. According to the charge, a 19-year-old man murdered a man over 40 with a knife.

There is another defendant in the case, a 20-year-old boy at the time the victim was made. He is considered to have ordered the murder at the age of 19. The boy is charged with murder for incitement, which also promises life imprisonment.

In its interlocutory judgment of June last year, the court ruled that both defendants had acted as punishable as described in the indictment.

Both respondents were assigned to a state of mind examination after the trial. Its result was completed in March.

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The trial was resumed today in Tampere. The respondents are not present in the hall but at the video connection in the Turku and Kylmäkoski prisons.

The result of the mental health survey conducted by THL is unambiguous. District Prosecutor Siina Simola interpreted the matter briefly:

– Both respondents are very clearly guilty, Simola said.

The assistants to the litigants and defendants had nothing to say on the matter.

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The court emptied the hall and was left with the final penalty. It is due to be issued today.

Prosecution according to him, the incitement to murder began as early as 1 January 2020. A man from Jyväskylä searched the Tor network and the Internet for a client to commit a homicide. The victim’s son contacted a resident of Jyväskylä, who accepted the assignment the day before the bloodshed on Monday, January 27, after which he traveled to Tampere.

The court found it clear that the victim’s son had told the Jyväskylä resident the name of the victim, the name of this female friend and what the female friend was doing during the day. The boy also told about his father’s hobbies and job. The man from Jyväskylä also learned that only the surname of the female friend who owned it was on the door of the apartment.

The victim’s son told a resident of Jyväskylä that his female friend was not home for a week. In its interlocutory judgment, the court found that the victim’s son was in a hurry to kill because his father had planned to marry, which would have complicated inheritance matters.

Based on the detailed information, the man from Jyväskylä stated that the assignment was genuine.

In addition to the inheritance, the court held that the reason for ordering the assassination could also be the bitterness the victim’s son had experienced since his childhood towards his father. The boy was aware that his father was wealthy.

A man from Jyväskylä arrived at the victim’s apartment early on Tuesday morning, 28 January. The perpetrator hit the victim with a knife 40 times on the head, neck, body and limbs.

The victim died of puncture wounds that had caused carotid and jugular vein surgery.

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