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Residents of Sharjah are calling for tougher penalties for the operators of their private vehicles for transporting passengers – local – other

Users of public transportation in Sharjah said that the recent period witnessed an increase in the percentage of passengers transporting between cities by illegal means and in private vehicles, without applying precautionary measures to limit the spread of the Corona pandemic, calling for tougher penalties and control over them.

And they continued that some passengers think that this method is less expensive without knowing that it is illegal, and they may be vulnerable, justifying that they cooperate with one of their acquaintances or their neighbors to reach specific locations that they go to quickly, due to the delay of buses sometimes, and their commitment to a specific capacity as a result of the limit procedures. From the spread of “Corona”.

Meanwhile, Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority confirmed that it seeks to eliminate violations of passenger smuggling and the illegal operation of vehicles, pointing out that the authority’s specialized agencies are performing all the roles assigned to them, especially with regard to passenger transportation and dealing with violations during the Corona pandemic, Indicating that it carried out 11 inspection campaigns during the year 2020, covering various areas of Sharjah and the central region, through 20 field monitors affiliated with the authority and who obtained the status of judicial seizure, as these campaigns resulted in the liberation of 1520 violations.

In detail, one of the transportation users, Khaled Al-Nasser, confirmed that the illegal transportation of passengers witnessed an increase in the last period during the Corona pandemic, to make the owners of these vehicles profit faster and make them a source of daily income for them, indicating that these individuals practice this profession at work gatherings They park their vehicles next to bus users or gatherings and offer to drive them to their destination, in exchange for what they pay or less to the official means of transport (buses or taxis), and they wait until the vehicle is full without taking any precautionary measures.

He added that people who use private vehicles are often in a hurry to reach their destination, or feel bored of waiting for the bus for a long time, noting that the phenomenon witnessed an increase when passenger transport lines between cities, especially from Sharjah to Dubai, were stopped due to “Corona”, what A large number of transport users were forced to resort to this phenomenon, demanding that this category be pursued and violated, and that the penalties were harsher, such as seizing a vehicle or withdrawing a driver’s license.

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Iman Fathy said that the cars used in the smuggling of passengers do not have adequate safety devices, but she sometimes resorted to them because of their prices, which are 50% less than the taxi, although the driver is unknown to her, but she is forced to do so in order to quickly reach her destination and not to cost a large amount. .

She pointed out that there are many advertisements on social media sites of women and men announcing their readiness to transport passengers for a monthly or daily fee, indicating that they often notice, especially in some areas such as Rolla and Jubail station, the spread of the phenomenon of passenger smuggling, as owners of private vehicles offer to passengers Delivery service, at a lower fare than what taxis get, indicating that these vehicles do not have the necessary safety and security means to secure the passengers, and more than three people ride in one car.

A citizen, who preferred not to be named, stressed the need to educate the workers on the importance of using official public transport that follows the safety and security standards for passengers to limit the spread of the Corona virus, to avoid the dangers of using this type of illegal means of transport, indicating that he had heard a lot about many violations. It is committed by people who flee passengers, such as harassment of girls, side conversations, lengthening the road to avoid the police, violations and driver speed, and other matters such as crowding workers in one vehicle and not taking the safe distance that prevents the spread of the Corona virus.

And he called for imposing large financial fines on those who practice this type of offense to deter others, and make them an example to them, as the majority of practitioners of this profession are of the nationality of Asian countries as it brings them a good daily income and has become a profession for them after they lost their jobs or their companies stopped working due to the pandemic and its repercussions.

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In turn, the Roads and Transport Authority in the Emirate of Sharjah confirmed that it is making great efforts to limit individual behaviors that affect society, especially with regard to the illegal transportation of passengers, noting that it continues its efforts to improve all its services in various sectors, as the competent authorities in the authority are doing By performing all the roles assigned to it, in accordance with the highest international specifications and systems, especially with regard to passenger transportation, dealing with violations, responding to public inquiries from dealers, and providing them with the utmost comfort, with the aim of enabling them to access the services provided by the authority.

Last year, the Violations Department of the Transportation Activities Supervision Department carried out 11 inspection campaigns, through 20 observers who obtained the status of a judicial seizure, which included workers accommodation sites and crowded areas in foreign markets, such as Ruwala, Jubail, Sajaa, and the market area in Dhaid, in addition to Other industrial zones across the emirate resulted in 1520 violations.

10 thousand dirhams fine for repeat offense

The Roads and Transport Authority in the Emirate of Sharjah said that the value of the civil violation registered for the first time for violators of passenger smuggling reaches 5000 dirhams, and if it is repeated again the fine will reach 10 thousand dirhams, and the violation is also circulated to the violating vehicles and drivers through the traffic systems approved in the state until the process is completed Payment by legal methods. The authority called for the need to cooperate with it to control the violators of their danger to the lives of passengers and their property, pointing out that the value of the in absentia violation amounts to 10 thousand dirhams.

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