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Residential care center Simeon and Anna replaced and expanded with rental housing | NOW

The Rotterdam nursing home Simeon and Anna, located just next to Zuidplein, will be replaced by a large new-build complex designed by KAW Architecten.

The plan consists of three building parts and nearly four hundred homes. It is still unknown when construction will start, but completion is scheduled for 2024.

The large residential care location of care institution Laurens is dated and is crying out for improvement. The new building will offer seniors space for independent living with help and support up to intensive nursing home care.

There will be a building part with 176 homes in the mid-rental segment and a second building part with room for 86 social rental homes. In the last part of the complex, 130 care homes and seven social rental homes are being built.

The new building will also have a so-called Wijkkamer, where building and local residents can meet. Commercial, public functions will be located on the ground floor, mainly at the corners of the plinth.

Nuisance limited by construction in two phases

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Construction proceeds in two phases. First, the residential care building will be built next to the existing care home, after which the residents of this care location can move. In the second phase, the current care home will be demolished and the rental homes will be built.

In this way, KAW and client MaasWonen (until mid-last year housing corporation Laurens Wonen) think that the nuisance for the elderly and local residents will be kept within bounds as much as possible.

On the first floor, roof gardens have been devised that are all wheelchair accessible and that “pay attention to climate-proof solutions with greenery and water buffering in the city”. The complex will be connected to the heat and cold storage of the adjacent Intermezzo rehabilitation center of Laurens Zorg.

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