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Research: Ultrasounds kill coronaviruses – observation boys a wild vision of a “repellent” – Science

Researchers at top university MIT found that the coronavirus collapses under the influence of ultrasound.

Ultraviolettivalon the lethal effect on the coronavirus is already well known. The University of Helsinki tested the matter last May and found that sars-cov-2 exposed to UVC light dies from the glass surface of a tablet computer in the sterilizing charging cabinet of the Finnish company Vivotech.

Massachusetts University of Technology MIT, for its part, has found in the United States that ultrasounds also kill coronaviruses. MIT told me about it in its publication March 16.

Coronavirus spike proteins and crust collapse and degrade when sonicated in the frequency range of 25 to 100 megahertz. The effect begins in millisecond fractions, MIT reports. In the experiments, coronaviruses were exposed to ultrasound in both air and water.

The results of MIT’s experiments have also been published in the scientific Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids -in leaf.

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Ultraviolettivalolle practical applications in corona control other than the above-mentioned sterilizing charging cabinet have been developed. Among others, the Danish company Blue Ocean Robotics manufactures robots with UVC luminaires that disinfect various surfaces in hospitals.

Short-wave and harmful to humans UVC treatment not only destroys viruses but also bacteria by damaging their genome. This prevents viruses and bacteria from multiplying.

Ultrasound, in turn, may lead to new therapies for covid-19 disease that could prevent or cure infections. Ultrasounds are already used in medicine to break down kidney stones and release drugs into the body with liposomes, among other things.

In the wildest vision, ultrasound could be used on mobile devices as a kind of viral repellent to protect people from infection.

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